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Essay on Poe’s poem “The Raven”


1.    Introduction
2.    The setting of the poem
3.    Symbols and literary techniques employed by the poet
4.    The motifs and the recurrent images of the poem.
5.   Conclusion

‘The Raven’ is one of Poe’s most famous poems and is the story of clinging to the memory of idealized lost love in spite of the fact that this love is doomed.  In the poem the bird is an ever-present reminder of the barriers currently separating the poet from his lost love.  The poet’s memory about his love eventually becomes less a permanent symbol of idealized beauty and love than a constant source of pain and personal negation. The setting of the poem, its symbolical features, literary devices and motifs are used by Poe to intensify the misery of the main character. (more…)

Essay on Intelligence, Democracy, and the War in Iraq

Iraq and its confrontations with the world is still one of the main international problems faced by global community. After the US interventions in Iraq, there was a great shift in democratization processes and global security. In spite of these changes, global community seems to be little doubt that Iraq carried out research and development on the production of chemical and biological agents, and nuclear weapons.


Essay on Starbucks

The first section of the paper defines and explains the concepts surrounding Starbucks Company.

The major task of this paper is to investigate the issues of multinational cultural diversity and affirmative action. The paper also covers such important aspects as the effectiveness of the policy existing within the company, as well as discusses the major measures that can be applied so as to improve the effectiveness of company’s performance at the market. Finally, circumvention and effective control issues are discussed.


Essay on Economic Crisis

In 1998, the economic crisis affected greatly all Asian countries, their economic and social spheres unveiling political discrepancies and economic weaknesses. The reason is that different reformers in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand choose different approaches to recovery and liberalization. Whether economic liberalization precedes or succeeds a downturn in economic cycles, liberalization has profound political ramifications since it indicates the state’s willingness to ‘roll back’ some of its functions and transfer economic decision-making and power to market forces and social actors with the potential to empower civil society.


Essay on 1920’s Culture

After a short postwar recession, the US economy grew exceedingly. Unemployment dropped as low as 3 percent, prices stayed steady, and gross national product increased by nearly 30 million in seven years. Some of this prosperity was due to technological advancements such as electricity. New systems for distributing goods also affected the US economy; perhaps the most influential producer of a good economy was advertising.


Essay on Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is an acute health problem, particularly in the developing countries of Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Tuberculosis has existed for many centuries. Specifically from 2000 B.C. tubercles have been found in mummified bodies. Reference to this disease has been found in written scriptures of Babylonia, Egypt, and China (Haas, 2000, p. 88). Most new cases of clinical tuberculosis arise in individuals who have been previously infected. The eradication of tuberculosis and its prevention depend upon the detection and prophylactic treatment of infected individuals so that clinical disease does not occur, and effective treatment of those with symptomatic clinical disease so that transmission of tuberculosis to others is prevented.


Essay on Hamlet by William Shakespeare

The play Hamlet by William Shakespeare exploits many social influences to impress a reader and make a narration more vivid, colorful, and philosophically valued. Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, is the main character of the play who avenging his father’s death. The most impressing is that Hamlet questions the problems of individual choice confronted with the choice of the society embodied in its traditions and prejudices of people. Thesis Actions and thoughts of Hamlet are conditioned by his historical period of time and personal values of the protagonist.


Essay on Contemporary Developments in Business and Management


Management plays a crucial role for every organization and business determining goals and objectives, performing planning and controlling functions, etc. In recent years, writers on management (Robbins, 2002; Cairns, 2003; Beeson, Davis, 2000) have recognized that management deals with a number of variables that are dependent upon each other. The case of the BMW group shows that corporations are subjected to different internal and external influences which have a great impact on their goals and strategies. Car manufacturers must be accountable for the ecological, environmental, and social costs incurred by their actions; at maximum, corporations must react and contribute to solving society’s problems. Recent years, the issue of corporate social responsibility (CSR) becomes one of the crucial areas of management. The BMW Group is one of the leading car manufacturers which follow CSR policies in order to meet the highest standards in management.