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Essay. What Image Did The Nazis Convey to German Voters?

Today we are going to overview and discuss what image did the Nazis convey to German voters and  how did they successfully used media for supporting their political growth throughout the history, and we will analyze it according to the  book of Merry Wiesner and William Wheeler “Discovering the western past”.


Essay on Occidentalism

Written by a distinguished observer of Asia and a professor of philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem the book constitutes a kind of research into two different cultures: Western and Eastern. Based on the investigation of two different types of ideologies, the book eventually constitutes a kind of ground research of the major reasons that finally lead to confrontation and a bloody rivalry between people sharing different opinion about what the world actually is. (more…)

Essay on Examination of “Things Fall Apart”

In the novel Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe depicts life struggle and troubles faced by native people during colonial era. In general, the quest for kinship means a quest for self-determination which shows evolution of the main characters and role of religion and native land in their lives. By noting the shifts from one identity to another, the ‘quest for kinship’ demonstrates that human beings search different identities to reach the target of aspirations. (more…)

Essay on Criminal Justice – Corrections

America’s jails are the first stоp in the criminal justice systems’ “incarceratiоn therapy.” Such a stоp is intended tо imply many things. Fоr example, fоr a first-time оffender, it is hоped it makes a lasting impressiоn that is a deterrent fоrever. Fоr the habitual оffender, it is a prоcessing pоint in between freedоm and prisоn. And yet, absent the dynamics оf a jail оperatiоn, the systems оf cоmmunity safety and security wоuld certainly falter and sоciety’s way оf life wоuld be severely jeоpardized.


Essay on Stare Decisis

Stare decisis treats, in any given area of law, each judicial decision as a potential precedent for the next round of litigation or, rather, treats the body of rules and reasoning announced in previous cases as binding upon the judge deciding the current case (Knight and Epstein, 1996, p.1088). Like cases shall be decided alike. Where a new case is not exactly like the old ones, legal reasoning—that is, reason by analogy—will yield results most consonant with the previous cases. In this way, judges may not simply decide each case as they choose but must decide it according to the established case law.


Essay on the Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a chromosome abnormality, which is usually due to an extra copy of the 21st chromosome, although not invariably, resulting in mental retardation and other abnormalities. Recent research showed that whites with Down syndrome would live to be about 50 years old while blacks with Down syndrome will only live to be 25, and other races 11 years old (Greenspan & Wieder 88).


Essay on Haruki Murakami’s “After the Quake”

The motif of the vanishing person is in evidence again in After the Quake. In the collection’s first story, ” UFO in Kushiro” Komura is just an ordinary guy who works as a salesman at a high-fi equipment store in Tokyo. One day his wife, who had been obsessively watching the earthquake coverage on TV for five days, writes a succinct good-bye note and leaves. Until then Komura had been content. He didn’t ask for big things or ask big questions.  (more…)

Essay on Homosexual Relationship

Why such couples as Paola and Paolo should be allowed to get married and adopt children

Paolo and Paola (who was also Paolo by his birth) are the two happiest people in the whole universe. They are two Italians that immigrated to the USA searching for radiant future. They are a very nice couple: Paolo is a shortish cute man of 29, a bit balding but this makes him charming, with eagle-eyes and magnetic smile; Paola is a slim and lanky 35 year old person that possesses a good sense of humor but is very vulnerable and sensitive. So they make up a perfect loving couple. (more…)

Essay. Resolved: Rhetoric Is a Sham Art

Rhetoric is mostly defined as a technique of persuasion usually by the means of language. An opinion exists that rhetoric is an art, whereas another opinion suggests that rhetoric cannot be considered an art other than sham art due to the reasons of ethics and morality. To establish the credibility of the latter opinion one would need to investigate upon the meanings of truth and art and the way rhetoric deals with these concepts. (more…)

Essay on Suicide as God’s Punishment and Revenge

The idea of suicide is crucial in Hamlet determining the struggle between live and death, moral and immoral actions and human will. Throughout the play, Shakespeare includes moral, religious and social causes which influence decisions of characters and their actions. (more…)

Essay on Burke’s Conception of Society

Burke’s view of society is dominated by a historical perspective. He saw the state as the result of a process of historical growth which he often likened to that undergone by living organisms. Similarly incapable of surviving dissection, the state was also greater and more complex than any of the parts which made it up. He saw the ensemble of relationships compris­ing society as ultimately dependent on the habitual responses of the individuals composing it. His views on society, its functions and structure duffer from his predecessors and were influenced by new revolutionary ideas marked the 18th century and new social imperative. (more…)

Essay on Nursing Home Environments

At present there are over 19,000 nursing homes in the United States (approximately 75 percent of them proprietary, 20 percent nonprofit, and 5 percent government-operated). The annual cost per resident in these homes ranges from an average of $28,000 in the northeastern states to $20,000 in the south. About 51 percent of such costs is paid directly by the elderly and their families; Medicaid covers about 44 percent, Medicare less than 2 percent, private insurance about 1 percent, and other government sources the rest. The small amount of coverage from Medicare and private insurance means that nursing home care is now the largest single health care cost paid for “out-of-pocket” by the elderly who do not rely on Medicaid. (more…)

Essay on Lung Cancer

Lung cancer occurs after repeated insults to the genetic material of the cell. Lung cancer is one of the most difficult forms of cancer to treat, and about 85 per cent of cases are non-small cell lung cancers. Non-smokers face a 24 per cent increased risk of developing lung cancer through passive smoking It takes an average of ten years for lung cancer cells to develop to a detectable level. Every 30 seconds someone somewhere in the world dies of lung cancer.


Canadian Law on DNA

In 1998, on December, 10 the DNA Identification Act was announced publicly in Canada. But the official recognition of this act came only on June, 30, 2000.[1] This recognition made it possible to create a national Canadian DNA data bank, and as a result of it the Criminal Code went through some corrections in order to develop a special mechanism for a judge to order the accused people to give their blood, or other substances samples from which it is possible to get a DNA profile. To tell honestly this was the method people who deal with crimes and jurisdiction were searching for so many centuries. This investigation really decided a lot of problems. It saved a lot of innocent people who were sentenced to death, lots of dangerous offenders were charged with the crimes they committed, many people could find and return their relatives; new law-breakings were predicted and prevented, the judicial system was taken in order, international support was strengthened, the process of finding guilty was quickened, the peaceful life of the citizens was stabilized.


Essay on Motivation for Children

The article under analysis is devoted to important problems of motivation and its impact on education both at home and school environment. The purpose of learning is to get through experience. Unfortunately, many educators and parents forget about these principles “doing what children need to do” (Rich, 2005). The educational world must be measured by quality and professionalism based on professional ethics and learning activities. Thesis Adults (teachers and parents) should motivate students to apply their knowledge into practice helping them to performance well, but without constant support and tension.


Big Bad Walmart – Essay

The competitive landscape is changing the methods in which the businesses are conducted all over the world. Employees are considered as the backbone of the companies. The changing business environment has spurred the management of companies to find new ways in order to make the employees more efficient and productive. Market performance of such giant as Wal-Mart suggests that outsourcing is not the best way for the country’s economy. In general, the benefits of outsourcing are becoming well known, particularly in light of the HR priorities and objectives (strategic focus, flexibility, cost-containment, and service). Out­sourcing can help minimize costs by externalizing routine or low value administrative tasks; thereby enabling HR departments to focus more on value-creating activities an organization cannot perform internally. On the other hand, the general rate of poverty has a negative impact consumers and their socio-economic state. It was found that “the presence of Wal-Mart unequivocally raised family poverty rates in US counties during the 1990s relative to places that had no such stores” (Goetz, Swaminathan, 2004, p.12). (more…)

Essay on Children’s Social and Emotional Development

Although there are considerable data on the relation of positive and negative social behaviors such as friendly interaction and aggression to social sociometric status, there is relatively little information on the role of individual differences in children’s emotionality (i.e., intensity and valence of emotion) and emotion-related regulation in their social status. This is surprising given that individual differences in emotionality and regulation have been viewed as causes (or at least correlates) of many of the positive and negative behaviors that have been linked to social competence and peer status. Thus, the relations of prosocial or aggressive behaviors to social status are likely to be due in part to individual differences in regulatory skills and emotionality that underlie positive and negative behavior. (more…)

Essay on “A Small Good Thing” by Raymond Carver

“A Small, Good Thing” is one of the latest works of Raymond Carver. For several times, the author had been revising his original story “The Bath” and, finally, he had found out the very heart of it. As a result, an undefined short story of minimalist turned into a precise and structured piece of work with a beginning, middle and an end. It starts with loneliness, sorrow, hopelessness, and hate; yet, at the very end, it takes a form of repentance and redemption. A nameless baker, who is described as an incommunicative workaholic, isolated from the rest of the world, shows the best example of rebirth.


Essay on Minimum Drinking Age in the U.S. (Argumentative Paper)

Today, the problem of alcoholism becomes an issue of the day. About 85% of all US residents have had an alcohol-containing drink at least once in their lives and about 51% of US adults are current users of alcohol. Alcohol related disorder constitute the third largest health problem in US today after heart disease and cancer. Children at high risk for alcohol-related disorder have been found in experimental studies to have a range of deficits on neurocognitive testing (Hanson, 1996).


Teltron, Inc – Case Study

Changing economic environment and globalization process has a great impact on the telecommunication market, and compel to specify concepts of management and its fields. The way in which organizations do employ the latest technology can be an important determinant of its competitive advantage. Teletron, Inc, a provider of telecommunications, seeks to improve its operations and market performance using new information technology. It is strongly influenced by resources outside the organization which are an integral part of the chain of activities between the product or service design, through production and marketing to the use of the product or ser­vice by consumers. In this case, detailed resource planning and deployment of new software system are important ingredients in the successful implementation of technology management in Teletron.


Essay on King Lear

The Use of Foil Characters in King Lear

“King Lear” was written between 1605-6 and reflects philosophical trends and world views as the social and political foundation the society. This play unveils values and traditions of the Middle Ages, and appeals to readers through its vividness and topicality of themes portrayed in the play.

Thesis Shakespeare uses foil characters in opposition to the main heroes in order to compare and contrast personal qualities, goodness and sins, values and traditions of the society.


Essay on Crisis in Cultures

Popular culture is one of the most important parts of modern society which determines a way of living built up by a group of people and transmitted from one generation to another. The role of culture is extremely important because it helps to distin¬guish the members of one category of people from those of another. Recent years, scholars speak about such phenomenon as crisis in cultures which has a negative impact on global community and social situation. Thesis Crisis in cultures is a result of globalization processes, new social values and technological influences which conflict with traditional social behavior and morals.


Essay on Prostate Cancer

Today, prostate cancer is the second most common form of cancer. And because it is generally a disease of older men, prostate cancer is not in the top five in terms of years of life lost. The American Cancer Society projects that in 2002, 189,000 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed (American Cancer Society, 2006). In 2000, there were 32,000 deaths attributable to prostate cancer. Approximately 70 percent of all cases are diagnosed in men age 65 years and older. Prostate cancer is about twice as common in African-American men as in white men.
Prostate cancer is a common form of cancer. In fact, more men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer than any other form of cancer, excluding only skin cancer. And about 3 percent of men will die from the disease.


Essay on Discrimination

Racial discrimination and profiling are the main troubles faced by many Asian immigrants coming to America. In contrast to traditional discrimination against black population, Asian Americans have suffered from cultural misunderstanding and stereotyping which affected their life, educational and job opportunities. According to statistical results, “While the Asian-Pacific population in the United States grew from one million in 1965 to over nine million in 1995, the proportion of the native-born dropped from 60 percent to around 30 percent” (Yin 1998, 330). Since 1920s, there was a great shift in multicultural relations towards acceptance and understanding of Asian Americans, their values and traditions by majority.


Essay on Multicultural Mosaic

The question of multicultural differences in Canada is heated by complicated political and social situation, national stereotypes and prejudices. These factors create a conflict between the majority and minority pf the population, and have tremendous and unpleasant consequences for many ethic groups. Bissoondath states: “we like to think, in this country [Canada], that our multicultural mosaic will help nudge us in into a greater openness. But multiculturalism as we know it, indulges in stereotype, depends on it for a dash of color and the flash of Dance” (Bissoondath 76).


Essay On South Africa’s Labor Empire

South Africa’s Labor Empire represents a unique colonial order based on racial differences and labor relations. The retention of the market and of private ownership were necessary to secure competition between a plurality of social powers, and so guarantee market stability for the white capitalists. Working class of the South Africa were faced with both racial discrimination and labor exploitation, but kept its unique features and community institutions.


Essay on the Future of the World’s Cultures

In this essay we are going to analyze and discuss the issues of globalization of different cultures, especially American one. We will dispute over the question-is world is becoming a place where you can find traces of all cultures living together harmoniously or place where we can no longer escape America no matter where we go? I have mainly considered my personal observations and experience to support my ideas concerning the overwhelming influence of both America and other dominant countries on the rest of the world and issues of globalization. In addition, I have read and discussed books and articles, such as “The Global Village finally Arrives” by Pico Iyer, “Coming of Age in a Changing Nation” by Andrew Lam, “My Vietnam, My America” by Andrew Lam, The excerpt “Uncle McDonald” taken from Fast food Nation by Eric Schlosser develop, and how these metaphors may apply to how we view the rest of the world.


Essay on Women’s Literature

Kate Chopin and Bessie Emery Head create powerful characters of women in their works portraying changing social roles of women and their life expectations. Kate Chopin and Bessie Head are feminist writers who appeal to emotions of readers through unique and real life images of women and their liberation. Both writers underline that women characters ‘fail’ at mothering while fighting for freedom and happiness. Thesis Both women-characters ‘fail’ at mothering when broke conventional women roles and go beyond patriarchal ideology of their epochs and cultures.


Essay on Sustainable Emerging Market Economies

A handful of countries in Central Europe, Latin America, and Asia have experienced rapid economic growth throughout most of the past decade. Because this fast growth presents significant marketing opportunities, the countries are known as emerging markets. Ten countries generally recognized as emerging markets are China, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Poland, and Turkey. Despite contrasts between developed countries and emerging countries, experts predict that the emerging markets will be key players in global trade even as their track records on human rights, environmental protection, and other issues come under closer scrutiny by their trading partners.


Essay on Nike

There are such brands in the world which don’t need to be explained or mentioned for the second time. It’s known all over the world that the most popular drink is Coca Cola; the most popular fast food corporation is McDonald’s etc. Nike tends to be a leader in the production of sport apparel and equipment. Maybe someone will hesitate, what about Reebok and other sport companies? Well, yes that is true, they are great and huge, but no one is competitive enough with Nike’s line of shoes production. If you’ve never known this or never believed, here you will find every proof and will be persuaded to except this opinion.
First of all, what is Nike itself? (more…)

Essay on War in Afghanistan

The United States played a key role in support of the Afhan mujahedin in the 1980s. However, once the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan, U.S. involvement declined dramatically. In recent years, the United States has provided limited humanitarian assistance and support for U.N. efforts to resolve the war through negotiations. It has occasionally sent emissaries to contact various Afghan factions, and it has expressed concern about the production and export of illegal drugs. Washington has also been concerned that the instability and conflict have provided a haven for international terrorists. Finally, an American company, Unocal, in partnership with the Saudi firm Delta Oil announced plans for building two pipelines, one for oil and one for gas, to bring Central Asian gas and oil to markets through Afghanistan. These pipelines are not likely to be built unless the conflict is resolved. (Goodson, 38) (more…)

Essay on “The Color of Water” by James McBride

For two years, “The Color of Water” by James McBride was the #1 New York bestseller. What have caused the popularity of this book and how has it achieved public recognition? It is a revelation that describes endeavors of the son about his mother’s mysterious past. It is a life story that portrays the hardships of living and chances, one may find, choosing his own way. Ruth McBride had decided to go the way of thorns; yet, at the end she reaped the roses and found her own American Dream.


Essay on Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own”

In “A room of ones own” Virgina Woolf investigates the phenomenon called “androgynous” mind trying to find factors which influence a writer. Through the image of “Shakespeare’s Sisters” (women writers) Woolf depicts that women are denied opportunities to become writers limited by their social and domestic roles. And even if a woman like Judith has Shakespeare’s gift, she would be never accepted by other writers. (more…)

Essay on Phototropism

Generally speaking, phototropism is directional plant growth in which the direction of growth is determined by the direction of the light source. (Takagi 2003) Formerly it was sometimes called heliotropism. Phototropism is one of the many plant tropisms or movements in response to external stimuli. Growth toward a light source is a positive phototropism, while growth away from light is called negative phototropism. Even though most plant shoots exhibit positive phototropism, roots usually exhibit negative phototropism. (Takagi 2003) In fact, this type of tropism may play a more important role in root behavior and growth. For instance, some vine shoot tips exhibit negative phototropism, which allows them to grow toward dark, solid objects and climb them.

Essay on World Politics

The investments of developed countries had raised the economies of China, Thailand, Singapore, and some Latin American countries in 1990’s. The high income per capita, industrial and technological revolutions has shifted them from the rank of developing countries to economically developed and industrialized nations with ponderable share in the global market. Nevertheless, some countries still face the problems of low living standards, undeveloped industrial bases and low human development.

The East Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and Eastern Europe suffer from the lack of foreign investments and domestic stagnation of economics and governance. These countries depend on the UN, the World Bank and other intergovernmental organizations that are responsible for international development. Such institutions have to define clear strategy and plans that will alleviate economic and structural problems; describe educational, environmental and healthcare issues, and prevent long-term crises.

Essay on the Management Theory


National Service Frameworks are the most important guidelines of the National Health Service which determine standards and rules obligatory for all medical establishments. National Health Service sets specific quality requirements and strategies for Clinical Practice in order to meet the highest standards in medical services. The field of clinical practice involves coronary heart disease, cancer, mental health and diabetes. Also, it relates to medical services provided for older people and children. In order that healthcare agencies achieve their goals and objectives the work of individual members must be linked into coherent patterns of activities and relationships. This is achieved through the structure of the organization and the nature of relations.

Essay on Gender Issues

Gender issues have a great impact on ethical decision-making and morals of people. Scientific studies prove that there is a difference between norms and values applied by men and women to ethical decision-making. When researchers speak about gender they also speak about hierarchy, power, and inequality, not simply difference. Recent years, ethical duties and obligations which are set forth become enshrined in custom and law, and people stop giving them or their consequences much thought – they are simply assumed to be correct. (more…)

Essay on Impact and Effects of Advertising on Young Children

Advertising is a major revenue source for mass media. Television networks, newspapers, radio stations, and even Internet sites sell space to advertisers so they may promote their product/service to us, the public. In this report we are going to talk about the effects that advertising has on the younger part of our population, the children. During resent decade this question stroke the minds of many people of various positions- from government officials to regular people that have kids, and until this time we do not have a 100 percent clear vision and understanding of this issue. Holding children’s welfare as a golden cane with which to flog the advertising industry, they seek to place the blame for child obesity and other social concerns in the lap of business. They flaunt statistics about the number of hours children watch television, and the expansion of advertising into schools and homes via computer. They ignore statistics that show the highest correlation to childhood obesity is parental obesity. From these figures and anecdotes, child ad crusaders leap to the unsubstantiated and troubling conclusion that all ads allegedly targeted to the very young should be killed. (more…)

Essay on Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was a very accomplished man, and made many contributions to American Politics and to the American way. Most of his contributions came when he became president, N. Y., when he took the oath of office on Sept. 14, 1901. (more…)

Essay. Discuss the Significance of the Title in “Fences” by August Wilson

Discuss the Significance of the Title in “Fences” by August Wilson

A title is one of the most important elements of any literary work. It reflects its context and meaning, symbols and predicts plot development. In the play “Fences” has a symbolic meaning reflecting social and psychological problems faced by the characters and their complicated relations. Thesis The title “fences” is used as a frame which helps readers to grasp the idea and message of the play. (more…)