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Types of Essays

An essay is a type of writing that refers to a short piece of writing on various topics, describing discussing, and/or analyzing a certain topic. Some essays directly address the subject of the essay, while some address the subject indirectly. There are a variety of different essay styles and the way an essay can be approached. Some essays may be humorous, some serious, and some may express a personal opinion.

The essay types are:

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Essay on Gravity and the Earth’s Tides

Gravity is the key to the Earth’s rising and falling tides. The combined gravitational effects of the Sun and the Moon constantly pull the world’s oceans in different directions and create tidal effects. But there are several other factors that complicate this basic process. Friction, the Earth’s rotation, the tilt of its axis and the gravitational pull given off by the Sun and Moon that affects Earth’s atmosphere. These forces together conspire to make our planet’s oceans into a battleground. These forces tug the oceans this way and that way around the globe, thus creating high tides and low tides. (more…)

Essay on Actions and Effects of Creatine

Humans have always had a fascination for being excellent at what they do, and athletics have been no exception. Many substances exist, and many have been criticized and analyzed for their safety, legality, and morality for athletes. With the banning of steroids from competitive sports, and the implementation of random drug testing in most sports, most athletes, professional, recreational, and would-be professionals are hoping to gain an edge. (more…)

Essay on Criminology

Criminological researchers – coming from a variety of disciplines – draw from research techniques used in sociology, psychology, political science and history, to name just a few. In recent years, though, criminologists too have become more reflective about research issues affecting their own subject relative to others, resulting in a number of specialist texts (Jupp, 1989; Maxfield and Babbie, 1995; Sapsford, 1996; Jupp et al. 2000; King and Wincup, 2000; Champion, 2000). A question that students, teachers and researchers in criminology often grapple with is whether there is anything distinctive about criminological research compared with research in other disciplines in the human and social sciences.


Exegetical Essay on GENESIS 11:1-9

The descendants of Ham, fearing scattering and slavery that was promised in Gen.9:25-27, had intended to make the name for themselves by building the Tower of Babel. According to chronological studies, they should have spent three years to prepare construction materials and no less than twenty two years to build the tower in Shinar, the Babylonian kingdom. One of the ancient legends states that each of the so-called ‘bricks’, used for the construction, was 20 feet long, 15 feet wide and 7 feet thick. It is considered that the confusion of languages had happened 101 years after the Flood and 326 years before the calling of Abraham, in the fourth generation of the account of Shem, Ham and Japhet, Noah’s sons. The Tower of Babel became the symbol of pride, disobedience, and self-confidence from humans’ part and God’s control over humanity.


Essay on Gnostic Elements in the Gospel of John

The Church of Jesus Christ takes it origins in Jewish religion. For centuries, Jews had been waiting for the coming of the Messiah, while the rest of the world wallowed in sins and idolatry. The Messiah had come, but His own people had not recognized His as a Redeemer of the world; thus, the spread of the Gospel to the gentiles had resulted in more than one hundred ‘born again’ Greeks for every converted Jew. The world was not expecting the Savior and good news were like a fresh wind. The new religion of peace, love and forgiveness was like a rain to dry lands. Nevertheless, the Church had faced the question: “Should the Greek, who is interested in Christianity, study Judaic conception and mentality of the Messiah, or there should be a new approach, which would be rooted in his own historical past and would lead to his attitude and heart? John was revealed this approach: the notion of “word” subsisted in both Jewish and Greek ideologies, which was a part of historical heritage of these races.


Essay on the Role of Prayer and Religion to the Elderly

Religion has always been a great influence to people because they don’t know what will happen after they die. Religion helps people to believe that if there is an afterlife, which may not be negative, according to the things that they do in their life. Some people believe that there is no afterlife, and no God, but that is only an opinion. The church still has great influence on these people just because it is still a sacred thing, to worship. Religion also lets our minds settle down when someone dies because they will most likely be going somewhere other than this plane of existence.


Essay on Stereotypes of Older Adults

Our society is filled with lots of stereotypes and prejudices based on them. These stereotypes appear as generalized opinions and they form the attitudes to people who are pretended to fall under those stereotypes. Stereotyping influences treatment and estimation of humans’ characteristics and behavior. But it is impossible to say whether this or that stereotype is real for a particular person. So people must try to stay rather objective in order to avoid prejudices, conflict situations, misunderstanding and other negative impacts.


Essay on Significance of Talmud in Judaism

What is the Talmud and how does it relate to the Torah; what is its significance towards Judaism?

The word “Talmud” is translated from Hebrew as a “study”. It is the oral higher law in the Judaism that consists of several volumes. The origin of that religious literature dates back to the 2nd century B.C-6th century A.D. Talmud consists of two books: Mishnah and Gemara; the first one was written 300 years before the second one and both books have lots of authors and represent a code of laws given to the Jews. Mishnah is a set of court decisions that has been gathered during four hundred years. The Oral teaching that Moses grasped on Mount Sinai underlies this teaching. Mishnah was written down by Rabbi Judah Hanasi the famous Palestinian sage and lawmaker. The today’s Hebrew is the language of Mishnah. Along with the fact that it is a juridical treatise, it is a very precious historical source of those times’ life. (more…)

Great essay and research paper Topics

Need a good topic to write a paper? Here you will find some interesting ideas for your essays and research papers:


Essay on the Rise of Nationalism in Nigeria

By Christina Scott

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No one, not even the most far-sighted, ever thought that British rule would last for only sixty years. In the early years of colonial rule, the idea of an independent Nigeria within so short a time would have sounded ridiculous. “The whiteman has come to stay as long as men lived,” boasted an official in 1919.   Nevertheless, nationalism started early, instigated by the need to respond to conquest and new policies. The radical phase came during and after the Second World War, subsequently leading to independence. Although the ultimate goal of nationalism was to secure the country’s independence, it had other interrelated dimensions: the “new Nigeria” would be governed by a Westernized elite, working, through the agency of political parties and Western political ideas, to create a united and developed country. If the British took over power from a traditional elite, nationalism and modernization forced them to hand it over to an educated elite.


Essay on Thomas Aquinas

Ultimate Explanation
The great philosopher, who was recognized by the Catholic Church, Thomas Aquinas had been trying to explain the arguments of the existence of God with the help of natural theology. His book “Summa Theologica” had never been finished because of his death; nevertheless, he left the basis for natural law and systematic approach to the Christian truth. He stated that Bible does not present arguments of the existence of God; thus, his philosophy was based on the statement: “God revealed Himself through nature”. As a Christian he proved that truth is based on religion, but, at the same time, truth is based on reason. It was a creed of his scholastic explorations. Yet, in his studies, he had not come to an end and Thomas Aquinas’ version of First Cause Argument has proved to be self-refuting.

Essay on Organizational Behavior

Theories and the field of organizational behavior study are closely connected with psychology and sociology which help to define and analyze the main elements and concepts of organizational behavior. Micro theory in organizational behavior deals with the behaviors and nature of individuals and small groups in organizations. It has been strongly influenced by psychology, and many theorists of this kind were originally trained in that field. Contrast instance, macro theory focuses on the behavior and nature of organizations, not of individuals and groups. Parts of the organization may be of concern as well, and so may the environment surrounding the organization (Sims, 2002).

Essay on Academic Integrity

Many definitions of plagiarism show that plagiarism is a crucial problem faced by authors and writers, researchers and scientists. In general terms, plagiarism can be defined as a deliberate and conscious intent to steal someone else’s ideas and thoughts. In academic practice, plagiarism means the use of published works and someone else’s ideas without giving proper credit to that person. Plagiarism can take different forms from improper paraphrasing of the thoughts to paper or text copied from another paper without knowledge of the author. Also, plagiarism is copying of another’s paper without citation, failure to put quotation marks; omitting citations combining the work of two authors without reference to either carelessness in preparing reference lists representing ideas or work of another as researcher’s own failure to secure permission for use of figures, tables or illustrations, whether published or not (Davis 1999). For instance, if a writer ‘uses’ plot scheme of another writer (his book) without referencing him, it will be plagiarism. If a student (scientist) copy/paste from a source but does not cite material properly.


Essay on “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Lee Harper

Since colonization period of time, racism was a disease of civilization which affected all classes and nationalities. The main characters of the novel are faced with the problems caused by educational segregation of children, right violation and neighbors’ hostility. Thesis In this novel, Harper Lee vividly depicts that racism is a disease of the Maycomb society which infected ‘white’ population and high social classes.


Essay on Organizational Behavior in Education

Our quest for knowledge is something we should never complete; it is a desire that we should never resist. Education should empower us to answer such questions as how and why are as important as what, when and where; ask more questions, and then start over again. With an advanced education you have more choices in your life and more chances to make a difference for your community. Higher education pays you back: graduates of higher education programs earn more, have more leisure time, and live happier and healthier lives.


Comparison Essay: King Lear vs. The Stone Angel

A Story Conflict
Theme of journey
Setting of Nature
Social Responsibility
Resistance to Social Rules
The idea of Madness
Minor Characters

Both literary works, King Lear and The Stone Angel, bring up questions concerning ideas of madness and reason, morality and traditions, social norms and human dignity. These works belong to different epochs, but represent similar problems of individual choice and social injustice, human cruelty and misunderstanding which cause terrible sufferings for the main characters. The main difference is gender of the protagonists: King Lear is a man while Hagar is a woman. Thesis King Lear and The Stone Angel are based on similar themes and social settings used as lens of social injustice and low morals.


Essay on Parse’s Theory Application

Parse’s theory has become an important part of nursing discipline and nursing practice. This theory forms a growing and important body of practical knowledge. According to Parse, nursing science has developed and continues to develop within two almost contradictory paradigms. These are the totality and simultaneity paradigms. Parse’s Theory sees nursing practice as an integral process which joins personal values and beliefs of nurses, health issues, a person and environment.


Essay on The Canterbury Tales. “The Wife of Bath’s Tale”

‘The Wife of Bath Tale’ is an integral part of the “Canterbury Tales” narration. In this Tale, Chaucer depicts social and moral issues, false values and social traditions typical for the Middle Ages. The most important is that Chaucer portrays experience and life situations through woman’s eyes, her experience and feelings. Thesis Through the character of the Wife of the Bath, Chaucer depicts the difference between experience and authority unveiling that the main character replaces authority by experience seeing the latter as the moral guide.


Essay on Nuclear Arms Proliferation

Nuclear arms proliferation is a dangerous and tremendous evil which pressures mankind through the 20th century. If we look back we could see that there has not been any century or a decade free of wars and armed conflicts, but the main question whether a nation has an obligation to go to war or not has not been answered yet. This question has agitated many people, politicians and common citizens, clergy and ethicists and is needed to be answered. Nuclear Arms is one of the dangerous weapons which can kill thousand of people and contaminate vast territories for thousands years.


Argumentative Essay. “Romantic love is not a good basis for marriage”

The notion of marriage as an institution which necessarily preserves the vital social values of stability, continuity and propriety, only at the cost of brutally suppressing equally powerful individual needs, naturally comes under scrutiny. During the XX century, there have been heated discussions concerning romantic love and its impact on long-lasting relations. Some people suppose that pre-arranged marriage ensures long-lasting relations based on trust and financial gain, but it is also profoundly dangerous precisely because it can release and feed as many urges as it satisfies. They state that romantic love is not a good basis for marriage. Thesis Romantic love is a good basis for marriage because it ensures warm and friendly relations between spouses; it has a positive impact on human relations and their development, and ensures loving and friendly relations with children as “product” of love.


Essay on Service Management

Centralization vs decentralization is one of the main questions concerning organizational control and effectiveness of service providers.  The main difference between centralized and decentralized service providers is the division of work and grouping of activities. Some trade-offs prefer to use decentralization which allows delegation of authority. Many service providers prefer to follow a decentralized strategy which help them to low support costs.


Essay on Transformations of The Modern World

Globalization influences all spheres of life including economic development and social dimensions, migration and labor relations, consumption and production. The dominant form of global ideology is that of economic neoliberalism. Neoliberalism is the semi-official philosophy of the United States government, of the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund, as well as most university departments of economics and many political and financial organizations, such as the Trilateral Commission.


Essay on Ethical and Social Issues of the Internet

Arpanet network of the late sixties, which was designed to test new computer technologies and applications, has grown to a #1 database of knowledge, entertainments and risks – the Internet. However, good intentions of informational source had drastically changed till the end of XXth century. Today, the Internet is considered to be a virtual reality for youth and primary media source for others, who had entered into a computer system. Since the popularity of a little-known network had sky-rocketed to a virtual market, Internet experts have to investigate its spheres and find out issues to consider. Good technology, as it meant to be, has already crept into social, ethical and cultural elements of societies worldwide and people must keep their guard up to avoid symbiosis of man and machine. (more…)

Essay Critique on “Living Like Weasels” by Annie Dillard

In the essay “Living like weasels”, Annie Dillard states that weasels and their life style is an example of good life people should follow. The essay under analysis is full of symbolic meanings and objects which help the author to convey and interpret the meaning of the work and underline its philosophical significance. Thesis The author uses different stylistic devices to create a message of the essay, but she does not express her ideas logically and clearly. (more…)

Comparing and Contrasting Essay

Today, for many companies a website is the main tool on the basis of which the firm carries out the transactions flow between itself and the buyer. In indirect marketing the manufacturer utilizes the services of various types of independent marketing organizations or cooperative organizations that are located in the home country. When a manufacturer exports indirectly, the responsibility for carrying out the foreign selling job is transferred to some other organization. The companies chosen for analysis are: Starbucks, Microsoft and Xerox.


Narrative Essay on Romeo Dallaire

A Canadian Lieutenant General, Romeo Dallaire has made a great contribution into the peace-keeping mission and International human rights movement. Being an experienced solder Dallaire did everything to protect human’s rights and resist to the world coalition of false “peacemakers” who did nothing to help people in Rwanda during the genocide period.


Essay. The Assault on the Native Americans and their Ways of Life

Thesis The main problems faced by many Indian families and communities include assaults on their culture and ways of life, traditions and values alien for and misunderstood by many Americans.


Essay on “Fast Food Nation”

In the book, “Fast Food Nation” E. Schlosser speaks about fast food culture and its impact on American population. He singles out the main characteristics of the fast food, its history and advantages. Schlosser argues that the image of fast food culture is replaced by a version of the social culture that is constituted by a process of ongoing struggle to comprehend and live through a world in which everything that was solid is melting into air. He speaks about fast food as both “a commodity and metaphor” which helps him to analyze and reveal the nature of this phenomenon. (more…)

Essay on “As You Like It”

In As You Like It we enter a brave new world of comedy. This play reveals a larger poetic reach and an ampler view of human absurdity than Shakespeare’s earlier comedies. As You Like It deals with the way in which the disenfranchised become the enfranchised and with the way in which an inimical world is saved through marriage. Orlando, an impoverished young man of ability and character, has been cheated of his birthright by his envious older brother; Rosalind of estimable qualities, has been deprived of her birthright by her father’s younger brother. The sin of Orlando’s older brother, Oliver, is matched by the sin of Duke Senior’s younger brother, Duke Frederick. The way in which a brutal, loveless world is turned into a world where those who have been cheated and deprived are rewarded by and through love is the ethical subject of Shakespeare’s magnificent play.


Essay on Advances in women’s rights since 1920

Two waves of changes have brought new legal and social rights to women in the XXth century. They happened between periods of 1921-1926 and 1965-1986. During the first period, women have gained a right to vote and some social rights, including acceptable working conditions and minimum wages. On the other hand, second wave, which has caused numerous debates, had made men and women equal before the law. Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was thought to grant a definitive protection to women and was adopted in 1972. While women have gained many of the same rights and privileges of men since the 20’s, they are still discriminated against through a lack of comparable sexual freedom and in the workplace with less compensation for the same work.


Essay on Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut

In the novel Cat’s Cradle Kurt Vonnegut restates the argument that technology is not neutral and safe as it supposed to be. He sees science and technological development as ‘atomic bomb’ which can to wipe mankind off the face of the earth. The use of nuclear energy and nuclear power caused great public concern. Knowledge forces heroes to look for new ways and methods to change their life, but such scientists as Newt Hoenikker supposes that traditional knowledge limits his understanding of the universe and starts to seek for another source of development. (more…)

Essay on Aggression in Children and Gender Differences

Aggression is a word that is part of everyday language and appears misleadingly unambiguous. The Oxford dictionary defines aggression as an unprovoked attack or assault.Moyer (1968) presented an early, and highly influential, classification of seven different forms of aggression, from a biological and evolutionary point of view.


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How to Write a Narrative essay

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There are various types of essays, among which are descriptive, narrative, argumentative, comparison, research, cause and effect essays and many others. And probably few tips may be suggested on how to write each of them. However, this page will be focused only on narrative essay writing.


Essay on GOOGLE Inc.

Registration The registration for search engine companies is important because the Internet’s exponential growth placed strains on the somewhat ad hoc system for managing the DNS, and what had been primarily technical issues became political, legal, and economic problems that attracted high-level official attention. Registration means that a company goes public offering “an estimate of what the company believes it may be able to raise with its initial public offering” (Olsen, Kawamoto, 2004). It is important to note that Google is going to use an auction in order to raise its offering. (more…)

Essay on William Hogarth’s “Marriage A-la Mode”

Family is an important social institution which has a great impact on social relations and society in general. “Marriage A-la Mode” unveils moral and social problems dominated in the society. In these conditions, Hogarth’s satires dwell on the darker side of human nature, including his love of jokes and riddles. In his work, a spirit of mischievous and subversive anarchy runs through his vivid images of family life and human relations. Thesis social and moral problems depicted by Hogarth more than two centuries ago are still in evidence today. (more…)

Essay on Statement of Leadership Philosophy

Leadership requires many of the characteristics common to all leaders, but also requires special abilities to manage any employee accordingly to his psychological and professional needs. Personal leadership style is a unique combination of different principles and strategies aimed to motivate and inspire employees, manage and control their works in order to achieve organizational or project objectives and goals. (more…)

Essay on Illegal Immigration. Professional Workplace Dilemma

The ethical issue that I experienced was related to the illegal immigrants and employment. I’m in charge of a prepaid phone cards company where 20 people work. Some time ago I had to fire three of my employees because I discovered that they are illegal immigrants. It was difficult for me to make this decision about firing them because I’m an immigrant myself but I came to the United States legally. I went through the whole process of obtaining citizenship card and I thought that these three people should go through the same procedure to legalize their work status in the United States. (more…)

Essay. The Enlightenment On Politics And Gender Relations Of Western Society

The Enlightenment defined as “an 18th-century movement that focused on the ideals of good sense, benevolence, and a belief in liberty, justice, and equality as the natural rights of man,”1 caused great changes in the Western world. The thoughts of the Enlightenment era influenced all aspects of Western life, including politics, government, culture, economics, gender relations, public views and religious beliefs as well. The effect is still taking place as many of the ideas of that age are naturally developing into the new theories and receive the grounds for new experiments and adoptions. (more…)

Essay on Starbucks’ Strategic Framework

An international corporation, which has gained the “Great Place to Work” Award for credibility, was founded in Seattle’s Pike Place Market in 1971. For 25 years, Starbucks Corporation was well-known for its different types of coffees, premium teas, and beverages in the North America only; but, since 1996, when the first overseas coffeehouse was opened in Tokyo, Japan, the number of outlets has already come to 10,000 locations and more than 117,000 workers worldwide. It does not stand still even now: every day the corporation opens 5 new stores overseas. They are proud to be among the Fortune’s 100 Best Places to Work and, for the fourth time, to be one of Business Ethics’ 100 Best Corporate Citizens. Starbucks Corporation states that every partner/worker has a voice and this statement sets a feeling of dignity and solidarity, which makes them work better and, thus, brings them to a higher level of quality and quantity. (more…)

Essay on “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote

The book “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote was written in 1966. The remarkable feature of this book is that it belongs to nonfiction genre based on real events. This book describes a terrible crime committed in Kansas when two offenders senselessly killed a family, both parents and two children. Truman Capote describes criminal situation and high criminal rates which become a great concern of police and society threatening public safety. Also, he unveils low morals of people and craving for money.

Essay on True Diversity: Ethics Development, Understanding, and Application

The terms of ethics originates from the Ancient Greek word “ethicos”, which means “arising from habits” (Blackburn, 202). In fact it is one of the major branches of philosophy studying the notions of value and quality and employing such concepts as good, evil, right and wrong, responsibility and purposes.


Essay on the Mexican Revolution

For a long time, Latin America and Mexico had suffered from slavery and oppression, neocolonialism and imperialism. Since members of a community took an identical view of their culture, institutionalizing its autonomy risked per­petuating the role of the dominant elite and threatening basic individ­ual liberties to which the wider society could not remain wholly indiffer­ent, especially when disaffected individuals created disorder or asked for help. Mexican Revolution was one of the main steps against the U.S. dictatorship.