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Language vs. Thought

Does language determine thought, does thought determine language or is the relationship more complicated than this?

If one considers the connection between thought and language, we face the questions whether we think in language, whether those who do not possess language are able to “think”, and the way language forms our thoughts. It is rather complicated question, which regards to the nature of linguistic communication. Scientists usually consider that language is a basic mean by which people transmit the content of their thoughts to other people. The problem is whether that is a right scheme of linguistic communication. The scientists faced with the problem of the relation between thought and language because this common picture of communication makes a certain priority over language. If there is ground to distrust this scheme, then one cannot expect to make a progress with the more simple questions without considering the nature of linguistic communication.


Personal Essay on The Best Day in My Life

Well, I’d like to tell you about the best day in my life, which I won’t be able to forget for a long time. So here it goes…
I was a professional sportsman and I had a very successful career. Everything was really great, I had lots of advantageous offers from abroad and my thoughts about my future were somewhere in Germany, Spain, etc… It was a time when I could rise my head up to the sky and say: “God, I’m happy!”. But then, all of a sudden I broke my left knee. (more…)

Internet Love

My friend says: “Justin is such a wonderful man. He is sweet, and smart, and caring. I’m so in love with him.”

I say: “I’m so glad for you. How long have you been dating?”

She says: “8 months.”

I say: “That’s quite a time. Where do you usually spend evenings?”

She says:” Facebook.” (more…)

Women and Cosmetics: A Persistent Desire

Women love to beautify themselves intensively and it is their eternal desire to look beautiful and different from other women. Some women are naturally very beautiful and do not need any make up. But cosmetics help women to enhance their beauty and they completely change their outlook and appearance.


Speculations on the Existence of Inorganic Life in the Universe

In most popular science fiction stories we encounter bizarre monsters with lots of heads and eyes, odd number of appendages, green skin, and other absurd oddities. However imaginative we try to be in our conception of an “alien”, we inevitable end up creating a humanoid or a monster out of our childhood nightmares. Our imagined alien life forms are, usually and inescapably, exaggerated versions of beings that scare or fascinate us the most. If there indeed is life elsewhere in the universe, would it look like aliens in our cartoons and films, or would it be completely and utterly be something we could never have imagined? (more…)

Realities of Life in Stalin’s USSR and Hitler’s Germany

Hope. Despair. These two feelings, so different, and yet, so common in the 1930’s in the USSR and Nazi Germany set the tone of Stalin’s and Hitler’s rule of that era. As most historians would agree, hard work and complicated lifestyle characterized most of that time period. Tomes of literary works were written on the subject; generations of historians worked on discovering not only the overall situation in both states, but also looked into individual stories of people of that time. It is truly difficult to comprehend the gloom reality the citizens faced in the 1930’s through the dry statistics and compound reports. However, when one looks at individual stories, especially the lives of human beings like us, it becomes clear what hardships and shortcomings millions of people faced at the time.


Stem Cells Research: the Road to Life or Death

In the era of inventions and new technologies it seems that nothing can surprise humanity, but unbelievable things still remain in our world. One of them is the notion of stem cells – a source of prejudice and hopes of our generation. Stem cells therapy or founder cells therapy is a new method of treatment, the use of which, however, needs cells of human embryo. Despite the fact that stem cells research does not correspond with the Christian ethics, it suggests new principles in treatment of the most severe diseases of our time and makes significant assessment to development of medical science.


Roots and Causes of the Current Economic Crisis

The world financial crisis of 2007-2009 is compared to the Great Depression. Starting in the US, the crisis rapidly spread all over the world, leading to the growth of unemployment and inflation, collapse of small and medium businesses and other serious problems. The neutralization of crisis effects still remains one of the priority tasks in world countries along with the restoration of the economics.


Roots and Causes of World War I


World War I was caused by the imperialistic controversies between the group of Great Powers which had succeeded to conquer the vast territories and resources of underdeveloped overseas countries and the group of the countries which had been late. The latter being unwilling to put up with such conditions and wished to conquer their place under the sun.

Great Powers of that time were also obsessed with the legacy of dying Ottoman Empire. Russians had long fostered the idea of establishing their control over The Turkish Straits. That would allow them to spread their influence over the Mediterranean. Western Powers did their best to prevent the advent of another Mistress of the Seas.


International Relations History

Why did the League of Nations fail to oversee the world peace? Do you think that the UN is more effective? Why or why not?

In the history of international relations and history of human kind in general there was always a struggle between national (personal) interests and international goodness (common interests). Depending on the stage of states and international relations development this opposition had different forms – from war between nations where moral values had no place to exist, to the negotiations stage and attempts to create international order preventing threat of the new World War. One of such attempts was creation of international organization aiming to be a mean of cooperation between countries and guarantor of collective security (though in the time of creation the exact term was not used). This idea was realized in the organization of the League of Nations in 1920. But it didn’t prevent the World War II.


Different Kinds of Line-Ups

It is important to know that witnesses play a significant role in the administration of justice as they are the key in the process of identification, charging and conviction of the suspects. The police officers need to advice the witnesses on the best type of line-ups to choose in order for them to accurately identify the suspects. There are known to be two types of police line-ups and these are sequential line-ups and simultaneous line-ups. In sequential line-ups, the witnesses are required to have in possession the ability to exercise the absolute judgment and this involves making comparison of each photograph or person with respect to the memory of how the offender looked like, (Bartollas and Dinitz 45). (more…)

Food Inc. Movie Review

Discuss Issues, Raised in the Film from the Perspective of Engineering Ethics, Professional Responsibility and Conflict of Interests.

A fascinating documentary Food Inc., directed by Robert Kenner reveals provocative and shocking facts concerning the unknown, dark side of the American food industry. Exploring the overall process of production and processing of food on its way to end consumer, it explains why and how one of the most vital spheres of human activity became controlled by a few acquisitive and powerful corporations, which set own profit above consumer health. It shows cruel treatment of animals in factory farms, flagrant violation of workers’ rights and irresponsible attitude to environment, typical for this highly mechanized and totally commercialized process. The unanimous opinion, derived from interviews with investigating authors Eric Schlosser and Michael Pollan, oppressed and progressive farmers, food safety advocates and government representatives is that modern food industry, receiving huge profits, implements unethical, unsustainable and unsafe methods and technologies, consequently producing unhealthy food, which puts at risk human health and life. (more…)

Essay on Organizational Culture

Is culture manageable?

Organizational culture is usually shaped during a long period of time, and it includes different rituals, symbols, stories, etc., that help to identify organization and allow the employees to feel their direct participation in company’s life. The point is that organizational culture emerges as a result of organization’s founder vision of it and the main goals that have been set for a particular organization. So, very complex process takes place while the establishment of organization’s culture. First of all, the right people must be found and hired for suitable positions. It means that employees should think and act as creators of organization do, and their style of work should be acceptable for organization’s concept that have been chosen.  Secondly, the relevant organizational structure must be implemented to ensure the effective functioning of company. Lastly, the founder should behave in proper way, to be an example for other members of organization.


Leadership/Management Style and its Impact on Employee

The significance of leadership style is a subject that has drawn much contentious discussions. The term “leadership” has various meanings that are relative to the educator. Most studies in leadership have been directed towards government agencies, the military and business organizations with little attention directed towards sports (Harte 100). However one generally accepted conclusion is that the style of leadership used by an organization has an effect on its performance outcome. Leadership style has a direct impact both on the employees and the general success of the organization. This essay therefore seeks to examine the three main types of leadership styles in organizations. (more…)

Essay on Recruitment and Training in Human Resource Development


Human resource development as explained by Philip Kotler entails a structure for assisting workers develop their individual skills as well as organizational competencies and knowledge (69). Human resource development comprises recruitment and training among other functions. This short paper examines recruitment and training in human resource development.

Recruitment and staffing


Gold Standard

What is a gold standard?

Before attempting to define the Gold Standard, it would be probably more important to look at the circumstances and conditions that led to, and enhanced this kind of monetary system. As trade became clear for nations, within and outside national economies, there was need for a standard monetary system to govern exchange. The gold standard is one of these systems, in which gold was used as a backing for money in circulation. In the gold standard system, money that is printed reflects the gold reserve of the country’s central bank. Of course, there could be other backing like silver, but gold was adopted for the superior characteristics it has over the others (Flandreau & Eichengreen 80).




Contemporary academia is faced with great challenge arising from the act of plagiarism. Students, fearing being expelled from college because of poor grades have discovered weird methods of accomplishing their college assignments with ease resulting to majority of them being awarded distinction unjustly. Plagiarism makes the achievement of the objective of academic integrity elusive. Students found committing the offense excuse themselves by claiming to being forced to plagiarize because of great workload in colleges and universities.


Business Ethics


From the beginning of 1970s, ethical practices in business gained more importance, and since then corporations have tackled this aspect in their businesses in different ways (Wood, 691). A close examination reveals that ethics and social responsibility within corporations, in this period of conscience focused business environment of the 21st century, is more important for corporations than ever before.


Age Discrimination at the Work Place

Discrimination is considered as the act of treating others in a biased manner. This unfair treatment may be directed to either an individual or a section of workers. There are various types of discrimination in society. This paper will examine age-based types of discrimination in the work place. Governments and organizations are committed to ensuring that there are no forms of prejudice (Todds 11). However, there are high levels of prejudiced practices in many places of work. Traits of such abuse are harbored by both old and young workers.


Women’s Work and Economic Development

The purpose of this paper is to examine changes in women’s labor force status with economic development as discussed by Mammen and Paxson. In particular, the paper focuses on a simple textbook model of how women’s labor supply and type of work change at different stages of economic development. In addition, the cross-country data, along with the case study data on two developing countries are examined to see if the results are consistent with the model. The paper then argues that there is a need to measure women’s societal status via examining levels of gender discrimination and inequality in resource allocation to have a better understanding of women’s work status in the poor countries. Finally, the paper aims to explain the importance of women’s labor force status in determining why rich countries are rich and poor countries are poor.



As far back as a century ago the education of children at home by their parents was regarded as an impossible thing. Those, who were still brave enough to teach their kids by themselves, were seen as traitors to the cause. Nowadays such thing as homeschooling (it is called in such a way) becomes more and more popular. Why three – four parents out of ten chose to educate their infants at home, rather than send them to school?


Globalization in Economics and its Consequences

Globalization refers to the process through which different regional economies, societies and cultures all over the world combine and operate as though they were a single unit (Mutia 13). Economic Globalization is a term which describes the process of integration of individual, national economies into the world economy by allowing free movement of both goods and services, and the factors of production (labor, capital, and technical knowhow) across borders. Through globalization, financial and investment markets effectively transact globally because there is better communication platform and there is no unnecessary regulation (Haggblade 2).  This paper explores the positive and negative consequences of economic globalization.


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