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The Development of the Automatic Weapon/machine Gun and How It Impacted the Conduct of War between 1776 and 1918

By Alison Douglas

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One of the biggest weapon advancements which differentiated the First World War from past wars was the machine-gun. In 1884 Hiram Maxim developed the world’s first automatic, light, portable machine-gun. Maxim designed the gun as to use the recoil energy given off by each bullet to advance the next cartage out and load the next bullet into the chamber. This meant that a person no longer had to reload a gun or waste time re-aiming the gun. Each machine-gun had the fire power of 100 rifles, and were manned by a team of 3 to 6 men, making it more labor efficient than a rifle also. With this efficiency the machine-gun was able to fire unprecedented 400-600 rounds of ammunition per minute. The machine-gun would therefore fire until the entire belt of bullets was used up.


Essay on Slavery as a Necessary Evil

By Susan Parker

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Table of Contents

Thesis In spite of extreme violence and violation of human rights experienced by millions of black people, slavery was a ‘necessary evil’ which became a driven force of economic development.


Essay on Native Americans in Modern Society

by Lorraine McCurdy

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Native American culture and identity represent a unique combination of historical, economic, political, religious and diverse cultural influences. Impressions and interpretation of the land and the traditions shaped American culture brining unique beliefs and aspirations followed and shared by millions of Americans. This survival of a close link between religion and ethnic identity helps to understand the way Americans tend to think and act. Globalization and integration processes have forced many Native Americans to assimilate and become a part of the American society. According to statistical results, “the Native Americans population is growing. According to the 2000 census data, there are 2.5 million Native Americans in the United States, up from 1.9 million in 1990” (Morton 2002, p.37). In spite of great benefits and advantages, assimilation into American culture brings Native Americans grievances and disillusions. Thesis Assimilation and new social changes have brought Native Americans such problems as alcoholism and infectious diseases, false social images in media have resulted in lack of social support and negative stereotyping which cause great suffering and psychological burden to native population. (more…)