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Action research is a manner of learning about something by doing the activity first hand. In this type of research, a group of people identifies a conflict, tries to resolve it and determine their success on how the problem was resolved. If their actions prove to be unsuccessful, then the group must try to resolve the issue again. This approach is similar to the usual problem-solving activities that we engage in all day. Also called as participatory research and collaborative inquiry, action research is used on actual situations rather than hypothetical conditions. With this information, it can be deduced that writing an action research paper is not similar with other researches, because it does not primarily rely on the internet and library for resources. As it aims to divert from generic sources of information, action research provide for us a unique approach in conducting research., your professional writing service company, compiled further information on this type of research.

To help you further understand the logic of this type of investigation, illustrates the basic principles of action research.

  • Reflexive critique ensures people to contemplate on problems and procedures and create definite analysis and hypothesis, from which judgments are made.
  • Dialectical critique aims to comprehend the relationship between an issue and its context, as expressed in a dialogue
  • Collaborative resource assumes that every person’s idea is significant as a probable resource for resolving the issue
  • Risk illustrates the possibility of threatening the conventional way of resolving issues
  • Plural structure shows that an action research is conducted by a group, as opposed to an individual, where there will be diversity and variety in outlook, interpretation and appraisal.
  • Theory, practice, transformation illustrates the process that effectiveness is gauged when a theory is put into practice, and the practice results to transformation.

Action Research Papers

Action Research Papers

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