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The United States of America has a rich culture. The first European to land in the territory of America was Christopher Columbus. After his arrival, the influx of European settlers started the United States’ colonial History. In fact, today’s 50 states sprung from the 13 British colonies. In addition to these 50 states, Spain, Russia and France discovered smaller settlements that are now considered as US territories. A writer of an American history research papers who could not come up with research paper topics, can choose to discuss the colonial period as this presents a number of possible subjects that you can dwell on. provides you with an overview on the varied colonial periods, from where your paper can be based.

American History Research Papers

American History Research Papers

The growth of the 13 colonies has been very rapid because of the high birth rates and the low death rates. Apart from this the continuing entry of European immigrants augmented this rise in the population of the colonies. Over time, the colonies attained a standard of living that is comparable to Britain’s as it is characterized by independence in governance. has enlisted below some of the colonization period in the United States of America, so as to serve as your guide in accomplishing your academic requirements.

  • Spanish colonization was initiated by Juan Ponce de Leon who is the first Spaniard to land on the US continent. They have formed the first permanent European community in US.
  • Dutch colonization claimed territory in the eastern coast of North America. The capital of their territory is called New Amsterdam, which is now known as New York.
  • The French colonized the area New France in North America. This territory was sub-divided into 5 separate and independent colonies, which are Canada, Acadia, Hudson Bay, Newfoundland and Louisiana.
  • The British era of colonization is considered as the most important colonizers of the US. Their take-over caused turmoil, disruption of culture, and introduction of diseases among the Native Americans.

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