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Ancient History is a sub-course under general history which focuses on documented turn of events since the beginning of human race. The vast period covered by this era is evident with this numeric representation, hinting heavily on how rich this period is, in terms of content and substance. As history is equated to the documentation of the series of events, method of writing is of utmost importance. To date, the most ancient form of writing that has been discovered is the Cuneiform. With this discovery, ancient history has begun. Sometimes referred to as the classical antiquity, this era has been identified to specifically begin by 753 BC to 776 BC. These years were recorded as: the founding of Rome, and First Olympiad, respectively. Despite the concrete identification of classical antiquity’s start, the end of this period remains disputed by many history experts. has enlisted the prominent civilizations here to help you start your academic paper.

Ancient History Research Papers

Ancient History Research Papers

Writing an ancient history research paper is a challenge for some students because researching for valid references is not easy. Primarily, it is due to the scarcity of such documents. Also, the validity of which is always in question. Truth be told, many references on this research paper subject must constantly be challenged by a keen custom research paper writer. As your academic paper is only as reliable as your reference materials, choosing the correct reference materials becomes a critical component of research. Despite this, there remains to be a lot of topics to consider when writing this academic paper, some of these were written below by to serve as a guide for those students who could not go past conceptualizing a research paper topic.

  • Southwest Asia or Ancient near east is regarded as the cradle of civilization. Their major contributions were in the fields of agriculture, language, and agriculture among others. The countries covered by this region are: Mesopotamia, Persia, Arabia, Anatolia and Armenia, and Levant.
  • Africa’s ancient history included six countries, namely: Egypt, Nok, Carthage, Pwenet, Nubia and Axum. Their contributions to the development of civilization where on trading, social system and religion.
  • South Asia’s early evidence on human civilization was on Pakistan and India. During the period between first and 15th century, this area was considered to have the largest economy in the world.

This quick view on ancient history is only a brief encounter of the said era. There remains to be other venues that are worth exploring for a student who needs to write an ancient history research paper. If you need a hand in accomplishing this academic paper, then you can always consult the professionals of With our commitment to provide prompt service, you are assured to receive a paper within 8 hours if you need one for an emergency.

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