How to Write a Good Anthropology Essay

Anthropology or the study of humanity is drawn from study of sciences that deals with natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. This field of study aims to understand the complexity of human nature across all social, biological and cultural standards. Traditionally, there are four areas whereby anthropologists are trained. These are: socio-cultural anthropology, biological or physical anthropology, archeology and linguistics. These four areas defined the influence of post modern theories, during a time that there was a shift away from positivist traditions. Writing an anthropology essay essay topics may involve on any of these four areas. To illustrate the differences between these, compiled a basic overview on these sub-disciplines.

It is a common knowledge that a good research paper springs from a good research paper topic. With this in mind, the four sub disciplines can provide for any student topic suggestions for an essay on anthropology. gives a definition on the following disciplines, with topic suggestions for each:
Socio-cultural anthropology is concerned with the patterns and processes brought about by cultural change.

Anthropology Research Papers
Anthropology Essays


  • Biological and Socio-cultural evolution of Japan
  • Subsistence strategies during war
  • Kinship, descent and marriage in a monarchy
  • Biological or Physical anthropology interests are on the origin, evolution and variation of humans.
  • Behavioral biology of women in the 21st century
  • Interdependence of psychology and biological anthropology
  • Evaluation of human nutrition in a hospital setting
  • Archaeology tries to understand history of humans – whether it is of distant or recent past.
  • Archaeology in Ancient Israel
  • Pre-historical evidences in the old world
  • Landscape analysis and human evolution
  • Linguistic anthropology aims to study the social language and how it reflects and shapes social life.
  • Socio-linguistic identity of varied American Indian Languages
  • Linguistics among deaf and mute people
  • Linguistics of ancient hieroglyphics

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