Help with Writing APA Format Essays

Essays written under the social sciences division follows the format recommended by the American Psychological Association or the APA. Branches in this discipline of science include the following: anthropology, education, economics, history, linguistics, law, sociology, political science, psychology, and geography. There are other fields, as well, which are usually integrated with other disciplines such as humanities or sciences.

Help with Writing APA Format Term Papers

Help with Writing APA Format Essays

Examples of these are journalism, which can also be classified under humanities and archaeology which is also considered a science. When writing such academic papers on this discipline, says that most likely – you are writing an APA format essay. That is, you must follow the guidelines set by APA when citing or formatting your term paper.

Documentation is dependent on the research material that you will use. APA has set different guidelines on these materials: be it periodicals, books, electronic sources or visual sources. Aside from this, the APA has also incorporated suggestions on how you must format your paper. To give you an overview on how you must format your paper, has enlisted the key points below:

  • Font and paper
  1. Use a letter-type of white paper
  2. Do not use fonts that are difficult to read. To be on the safe side, use the Times new roman font, size 12
  • Page numbers
  1. Title page is page i
  2. Abstract page is page ii
  3. For the rest of the paper, use the Hindu Arabic numeral and start with 1.
  • Running head
  1. Write a short version of your term paper’s title in the upper right side of every page and the page number.
  2. They must be separate by five spaces.
  • Margins
  1. Margins should be an inch on all sides of your paper
  • Line spacing and indentation
  1. Use double space for the whole paper.
  2. For footnotes, use only single space.
  3. The first line of all paragraphs must be indented by half an inch.
  • Long quotations
  1. If it is more than 40 words, the whole quotation must be indented half an inch from the left margin.
  2. Do not use quotation marks
  3. Use double space.
  • Footnotes
  1. Write it at the bottom part of the page where the referred text is written.
  2. Start with a Hindu Arabic numeral, in superscript which is similar to the referred text.
  3. The first line must be indented by half an inch.
  • Visuals such as tables and figures
  1. Keep them simple
  2. Label the table with Hindu Arabic numerals such as table 1
  3. Use single space

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