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Architecture is concerned with the study of establishing any type of building or landscape. The fusion of functionality and form is always the goal of any architect. To create an aesthetic, yet structural edifice is a constant challenge for them. The aesthetic aspect of any structure is often times dependent on the era and the region that influences the architect.

There are different architectural styles that are determined based on the technique, materials, and form. There are ten basic styles identified under the field of architecture. These are good bases for your research paper topics for an architecture essay. writes them for you below.

One must learn the basics of these styles before exploring further. helps you with this.

Architecture Research Papers

  • Modern architecture
  1. Importance of the vertical and horizontal lines
  2. Removal of ornaments or “unnecessary details”
  3. Function is the priority over form
  • High tech architecture
  1. Prominent show of the technical and operative mechanism of the structure
  2. Use of steel framework and glass walls
  • Postmodern architecture
  1. Use of sculptural forms, playful materials and ornaments that give an illusion of a three dimensional object to create depths and space trickery
  2. Couples the structure development with ideas such as double coding, paradox and contextualism
  • East Asian architecture
  1. Emphasis on bilateral symmetry
  2. Open spaces are enclosed
  3. Importance and meaning on the location or placement of building or its structural parts
  4. Influence of feng shui
  • South Asian architecture
  1. Influence of history with their architecture
  • Spanish Islamic architecture
  1. Partiality on use of towers
  2. Use of four vaulted halls where one faces towards Mecca
  3. Use of repetitive art called arabesque
  • Gothic architecture
  1. Emphasis on light and vertical illusion
  2. Use of clustered columns, arches and flying buttresses
  • Gothic revival architecture
  1. Whimsical detailing in furniture
  2. Combines masonry and iron
  • Classical architecture
  1. Preserves appearance of the primitive wood
  2. Influenced more by religion, than aesthetics
  • Classical revival architecture
  1. Emphasis on the planar qualities
  2. Flat effects on shade and light
  3. Bas-reliefs are framed in panels or tables
  4. Its features are self-sufficient and independent of the structure

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