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What Is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay, as the title suggests, uses arguments to support your research. It is considered to be one of the most complex research paper types to write by virtue of its nature. That is because this kind of paper is not only about writing your opinions or facts, but also making sure that you break the preconceived opinions already held by the reader. Moreover, complexity is added by the fact that an argumentative term paper takes up controversial issues, which means a lot of barriers in driving home your points. can complete any custom essay or custom research paper for you including an argumentative one.

How an argumentative essay is usually approached?

Argumentative Research Paper

Argumentative Essay Writing Help

First, you decide on the topic. This should be controversial; it can be a political, economic, religious or societal issue that has been widely debated. At this stage you should be sure that you have the necessary expertise and thorough knowledge to complete a paper about the issue. Next, you should do research on the facts and opinions relevant to the topic. These should be very strong and clear to support the arguments. Then you should present the arguments, which of course is the body/main part of the essay. Here you should write not as yourself, but as a reader.

Ask yourself the question, would you believe the arguments if you were a reader? If you can’t answer a resounding ‘yes’ to this question, then your argumentative essay is not doing what it is meant to do. At this point you may realize it is time to get help from a reliable source like

What Makes a Good Argumentative Essay?

  • The best choice for an argumentative term paper is a recent and controversial issue. Obviously it makes no sense to write this kind of research paper on a subject that society does not feel strongly about. It should be compelling and make the reader want to continue your paper through till the end.
  • At the same time it should be something that you have strong feelings about, because if you don’t, nobody else will!
  • It needs to be your paper! The research should be based on your own views and opinions, rather than presenting opinions of others. You may want to borrow some facts from others, but these should be merely to support your ideas, not be your ideas.
  • Ensure that you complete your paper in the correct format.  For example, an APA style essay or an MLA essay are two widely accepted formats.
  • Don’t forget to include a bibliography.  Ensure that your essay conclusion is followed by a bibliography.  This is important as it gives reliability to your paper and the arguments.

20 Great Argumentative Essay Topics

The following are some great sample topics on which to write an argumentative essay.

Is the war on terror a crime against humanity?

Many people disagree with the US and allied forces fighting in Afghanistan.  And now that further civil unrest is flooding through the Arab world, is the intervention by the West simply inflaming the situation.

Do violent video games and films have an effect on human behavior?

Many people believe that the constant bombardment seen in video games and films causes the desensitization towards violent behavior.  Put forward your argument for or against this.

Are video surveillance cameras an invasion of our privacy?

As the numbers of surveillance cameras increase, many people believe that it’s a case of ‘big brother’ going too far.  Decide your side of the argument and state your case in your paper.

Should gay couples be afforded the same rights as heterosexual couples?

As gay rights become furthermore commonplace, many people believe that this is the downfall of traditional society.  This is an excellent choice for an argumentative paper.

Is the high cost of a college education putting students from poorer families at a disadvantage?

As the necessity of having a higher education becomes ever more important, are the forever rising costs of going to college putting poorer students at a major disadvantage?

Is religion a cause of war?

Many people believe that most wars have their root cause in religion.  Discuss either the for or against argument, and state your reasons for having this opinion.

Should pedophiles be allowed to live back in society once they’ve served any sentence?

This highly controversial subject needs to be written about with care and tact.  It is possible to write an extremely strong essay on this subject, but take heed not to cause offense to anyone who might read it.

Do the media control aspects of our lives by telling us what to wear, films to watch etc. ?

It’s almost impossible to not be swayed by what is written in the media.  But does the constant drip of media onslaught actually have an effect on the way we live our lives?  Decide whether you think this is true or not, and write your paper accordingly.

Are beauty pageants exploiting those who enter them?

Many people have strong feelings about beauty pageants – in particular ones that feature very young girls and children.  Is this exploitive, or simply a bit of fun for those who enter?

Should religion be taught in schools?

Our country is predominantly Christian, but a high number of non-Christians live and bring up their families here.  Is promoting the Christian religion in schools appropriate, or should religion be left up to the parents to teach?

Find more interesting topics for your research paper or essay!

Are sports people and actors paid too much?

With the wages of actors, footballers and other professional sports people getting ever higher, discuss whether or not they deserve their inflated salaries.  Perhaps you agree with the wage structure because they give so much to society, or if you disagree, you can state your reasons in the essay.

Should animals be used for medical research?

This highly emotive subject is the perfect choice for an argumentative paper.  State your views and back it up with the reasons as to why you think the way you do.

Are we now too reliant on computers?

There’s no doubting that the human race is now extremely dependent on computers.  But has it gone too far?  You could contrast how life has changed over the past few decades with the use of computers becoming commonplace.

Is torture an acceptable tool to be used in war?

Very topical and highly controversial.  Discuss whether it is ever acceptable for these methods to be used in the name of national security or warfare.

Should men be allowed paternity leave from work?

As paternity leave rights get longer and longer, discuss whether this is a good thing or not.  Does it mean that family life is enhanced, or is it a complete drain on the economy as businesses have to find substitutes to cover when fathers are off work?

Should smoking be made illegal?

Although smoking is not allowed inside public buildings in a high proportion of western countries, should this be taken a step further?  If smoking were made illegal would it save lives, or just push it underground and create a black market subculture.

Does the welfare state create individuals who feel no need to work?

Do our generous state payouts for those looking for work actually create more problems than it saves?  If these payouts were less, would people be forced to take any job they could, simply to survive?

Is there more violent crime now than there was fifty years ago?

It’s difficult to open a paper or watch the television today without being told about yet another vicious crime.  Have violent incidents increased, or is it simply because the population is growing and we have better methods of reporting crime when it happens?

Should the death penalty be brought in nationwide?

The controversial death penalty in the US is now the exception rather than the rule.  Many people condemned to death spend years on death row – at a high cost to the tax payer.  Is this still a viable sentence to be passed in the 21st century?

Are children being sexualized at a younger and younger age by inappropriate advertising?

Discuss whether or not it is appropriate for the current trend for young children to dress and act as adults?  There are many people who disagree with this – and this is an ideal subject on which to base an argumentative essay.

Things to avoid when writing your Argumentative Essay

When completing your argumentative essay there are a few things that you should NOT do.

  • Do not waver from your argument.  You should be very clear on which side of the argument you are, and make this extremely clear to your readers.
  • Do not fail to introduce your subject in your essay introduction. It should be clear from the start exactly what your paper is about.
  • Don’t waffle.  Nothing is worse than a paper that is filled with irrelevant material.  Ensure that all the relevant essay or research paper components are there, and that your every sentence is forwarding your persuasive argument.
  • Don’t make grammatical or spelling mistakes.  This is imperative with any essay of any format or subject.
  • Don’t write about a subject unless you feel strongly about it.  You need to have some passion to write an effective argumentative paper.

Professional Help With Writing an Argumentative Essay

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Argumentative Essay

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