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Art History is a fusion of two disciplines: art and history. The fusion of these two major courses attempts to provide an academic study of artistic materials, in their historical development and style contexts. Style contexts refer to genre, design and format of the material in reference. Evaluating an artistic piece is dependent on the background of the appraiser. Those who scrutinize an artistic piece are usually categorized into three.

First are the connoisseurs, next are the critics and the last one are the historians. Art connoisseurs are those who are considered to have extensive knowledge on fine arts and are considered to have expert judgments of taste. Meanwhile, critics are those who provide a rational basis for art appreciation, basing their analysis on aesthetics. Finally, the art historians are those who use historical methods to answer the questions.

Art History Research Papers

Also art history attempts to root their researchers or study in close scrutiny of the subject. If you are attempting to compose an art history essay, then you will definitely find the questions below to be very useful. These questions are the commonly used queries of the professional art history custom essay writers of

To serve as your guide in evaluating an artistic piece in the historical point of view, refer to the following research paper questions compiled by

  • How did the artist came to create his artistic piece?
  • Who were the clients or customers of the artist?
  • Who were the mentors of the artist?
  • Who is the artist’s set of audience or admirers?
  • Who were the artist’s apprentices?
  • Did historical forces influence his work of art?
  • How did his creation affect the society and its political and artistic landscape?
  • What are the outstanding features of his style?
  • What is the meaning that his work is trying to convey?
  • Is his work visually pleasing? How is it perceived visually by the audience?
  • Did the artist achieve his goals, in line with the audience reception?
  • What symbolisms did the writer include, and were they effective?

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