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Asian studies is a field of academics that is central on the societies in Asia, particularly those in Far and Near Eastern regions. This academic field also views the region’s language, people, culture and history. Originally, Asian studies was referred to as Oriental studies. There was a shift on the choice of terminology due to the fact that Oriental was considered offensive by some. Furthermore, the term Oriental is often associated only to the Chinese people.

Asian Studies Research Papers

Asian Studies Research Papers

Hence, this term is often considered to be limited, in terms of its scope. Sinology or the study of China – its people, land and culture – is not the sole scope of Asian studies. In fact, writing an Asian studies research paper should go beyond it. A person taking this course can also discuss the people, land and culture of different countries within Asia. The professionals of have a list below to show the possible diversity of this subject.

Writing a research paper on Asian studies can be easy if you have an interesting research paper topic. If you have not come up with any topic, at this time, then take a look at the following topics, which was compiled by

  • Asia and Globalization: how countries from the largest continent in the world answer the increasing demand of world trade and merchandising
  • Southeast Asian Civilizations: an overview on the region, bounded together by its commonality in environment and weather but divided by religious and political deviations
  • Asian American literature and culture: a critical look on documented literary materials, and its response to social and political contexts
  • India’s culture and literature: how the British colony affected and shaped their daily lives
  • Iran and its transformation from the 19th century to present: how revolutionary movements affected their cultural, political and social history
  • Japan and South Korea: historical disputes to technological advancements
  • In depth look on civilizations in the Far East Asian region: an analysis on Japan’s politics and history, economy and social structures, literature and language, and religion and philosophy.
  • Linguistic Analysis of Vietnamese language: understanding their grammar, language use, syntax, and sound patterns
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