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All You Need to Know About Assessment Essays

An assessment essay is basically an analysis of another writer’s work. This type of research paper requires an extensive study and analysis of the literature, and  is mainly assigned to students in order to gauge their understanding of it and to evaluate their critical abilities.

There are many research paper types and topics; for instance, there is the action research paper, which attempts to solve practical problems through the application of the scientific method. There is the science research paper which explores a specific aspect of science through secondary sources, personal experience essay which focuses on the aspects of one’s behavior in relation to circumstances, there is also law research paper which is an essay pertaining to a legal issue or some aspect of the law.

Research Paper Format and Sections

Assessment Research Paper Writing Help

Assessment Research Paper Writing Help

MLA and APA are the two most common styles of formatting

Although research paper footnotes may be included for both MLA and APA , limited use is recommended for both styles.

Tips for Writing a Good Assessment Research Paper

In order to assist students with writing this intricate research paper,’s custom research  paper writers have outlined certain essential parameters, which include:

  1. Thoroughly reading and understanding the piece of writing
  2. Developing research paper questions to understanding the purpose of the research paper.
  3. Identifying the ideology and the argument of the research paper
  4. Analyzing the quality and effectiveness of the data used in the research paper
  5. Evaluating the research paper writing format and presentation of the research paper
  6. Making notes of any grammatical or writing errors in the writing
  7. Assessing the clarity of expression and the creativity of the research paper
  8. Recognizing the efficacy of the thesis statement in the research paper introduction
  9. Assuring that the research paper has been cited
  10. Identifying if the thoughts in the research paper are original or imitated

These are some basic rules to keep in mind while writing and analyzing another writer’s work for an assessment essay; however, while writing this type of research paper there are other things to keep in mind as well. Here is a list:

  1. Make an outline of the research paper and draft the structure of the research paper
  2. Give a summary of the authors ideas and views
  3. Do not criticize the author’s point of view but explain your own findings on the topic
  4. Give the reader different opinions on the topic and validate the opinions with facts
  5. Assure that the research paper introduction bears your own thesis statement along with a brief overview of what will be discussed in the research paper
  6. Follow the MLA style of writing unless directed to use another style
  7. The conclusion of this type of research paper should contain a summary of the analysis and findings of the writer.
  8. Cite the research sources in a bibliography
  9. Proofread the research paper for errors

These are the basic fundamentals to keep in mind while writing these types of research papers. A comprehensive research and evaluation is the key to writing a good assessment research paper.
If a writer is not familiar with writing research papers, he should consult a person who is knowledgeable about the subject and ask research paper questions on the following subjects:

Getting Started Writing Your Assessment Essay

  • After the writer completing the preliminary research, if the writer has trouble starting the paper, he can use a prompt as an aide. To find a research paper prompt, just start brainstorming and jotting down ideas.

Research Paper Introduction

  • The introductions should summarize the paper. It should identify the author of the work being assessed and state the author’s main idea and points. The introductions should also include what your research paper is about and should clearly state the writer’s position. A thesis statement should be included.

The Body of the Paper

  • For instance, if the writer is writing a cancer research paper, he would inform the reader as to why the author conducted the study and what he hoped to gain from it. He would also look for the strengths and weaknesses of how the author conducted the study. He would assess whether or not the study presents broad evidence about cancer on the basis of limited or incomplete evidence, or whether the findings relate only to the specific setting of the study. Also, he would look for inconsistencies in the results, as well.

Great Assessment Research Paper Topics

Smoking in Public Places

  • Cigarette smoking and health problems
  • Social acceptance of smoking
  • The debate over Secondhand smoke and asthma attacks, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), and blood vessel damage
  • Banning smoking in public places, as a way to minimize secondhand smoke exposure (including, restaurants, bars, and the work place

HIV Disclosure

  • In 1983 HIV was first described in children
  • Children born with HIV can expect a longer life span
  • The prospect of a longer lifespan brings new challenges related to the impact of HIV infection on physical and mental health, peer relationships, puberty, and sexuality
  • Challenges that parents and caregivers of  HIV-infected children face is disclosure of HIV
  • Will  disclosure stigmatize the child

The Impact of Sex in the Media upon Children

  • Children, the media, and sex
  • Teen aged pregnancy
  • Teens and sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s)
  • Teen shows containing sexual content
  • Explore ways to make the media safe for children
  • Parents talking to their children about sex vs. children getting sex education from the television,  music videos, and the intranet

Is College worth the Cost?

  • The cost of tuition for a four year degree
  • Explore whether the benefits of earning a bachelor’s degree out weigh the cost of tuition
  • Does having a college degree increase the probability of find a job
  • Do parents still expect their children to attend college
  • Student loans

Teen Marriages

  • What’s the success rate
  • What are the issues we need to look at and discuss
  • Money and Responsibility
  • Education
  • The likelihood of the couple changing
  • Should a teen marry because of pregnancy
  • Explore the reasons why teenagers want to get married
  • Should parents sign for teenagers to get married

Race Relationships in America

  • Does racism exist in America
  • Explore the history of race in America from 1950 though 2011
  • Political correctness
  • Is race relations improving in America
  • The impact of America’s first African American president on race relations
  • Racial controversies
  • Stereotypes and prejudices

Oedipus the King

  • Oedipus is notable for his compassion, his sense of justice
  • Oedipus’s dangerous pride, which explains his willful blindness and, to a certain extent, justifies his downfall
  • Tiresias is blind but can see the truth; Oedipus has his sight but cannot

Diversity in America

  • Diversity issues in the work place
  • America the melting pot (examines  ethnic groups, race, sexuality and social class)
  • How stereotyping and representation function in popular films
  • The role played by ethnic groups in American society and the influences upon those groups.
  • How gender and minority cultures are “constructed” in American culture

Midsummer Night’s Dream

  • Bottom’s head being transformed into that of an “ass”
  • The wedding of Theseus and Hippolyta
  • Oberon and Titania’s quarrel
  • Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory (Pucks love juice, How Theseus referred to lifelong chastity, the moon, the moon and the lovers erratic behavior
  • The setting, the tone, the writing style

The Wife of Bath

  • Why Chaucer described her physical appearance describing her clothes, legs, feet, hips, and most importantly her gap-tooth
  • Why does the Wife of Bath go on pilgrimages
  • Why does the wife claim to be an expert at love even though she has been married five times
  • How the wife uses the Bible as justification for her behavior

Find more topics for your essays and research papers!

Children who Murder

  • Capital punishment for children who murder
  • Are children born knowing right from wrong
  • Do children who murder know it is wrong
  • Is rehabilitation possible for a child murderer
  • Should parents be punished for the crimes their children commit
  • Should juveniles be tried in adult court
  • Juvenile psychopaths

Biracial Children

  • The complex identity issues faced by biracial children
  • The most common category for multiracial children
  • multiracial people in positions of authority
  • Why biracial children should grow up in an environment where there is tolerance for people of all races
  • The impact of racism on biracial children

The Golden Parachute

  • What is the golden parachute
  • CEO’s and Executives being compensated even though they are fired or the company fails
  • Why are executives offered golden parachutes
  • Shareholders argue that the golden parachute is a waste of corporate assets
  • Managers already have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of their shareholders and should not require golden parachutes as an incentive
  • CEO’s and executive officers who received extremely large golden parachutes

Same Sex Marriages

  • The impact of same sex marriages on the family
  • Legalization of same-sex marriages
  • Proponents of same-sex marriage
  • The breakdown of the nuclear family
  • Same-Sex Marriage, Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships

Legalization of Marijuana in America

  • Marijuana for medicinal purposes
  • The legalization of marijuana and the economy (It could be a source of additional tax revenues)
  • Would legalization increase the chances of the drug falling into the hands of kids

Teenage Pregnancy

  • Discuss the options
  • Understand the health risks associated with teen pregnancy
  • Complications for a baby born to a teen mother
  • Discuss the future for teen aged parents
  • Why children have children
  • What about birth control (why some teens fail to use birth control)
  • Teenaged parents

The Death Penalty and Justice

  • Why Americans support capital punishment
  • Pros and cons
  • Is the death penalty necessary
  • Is the death penalty justice to the victim
  • A case against the death penalty
  • Should the punishment fit the crime
  • Does Race often plays a role in determining a capital sentence

Habitual Drunk Driving Offender

  • Should the penalty for second time offenders be tougher
  • What is an habitual offender
  • Are repeat offenders getting the message
  • Should repeat drunk drivers face stronger penalties
  • Revoking driving privileges for repeat offenders
  • When the habitual drunk driver kills
  • Are increased penalties a deterrent

Texting while Driving

  • The dangers of texting while driving
  • Teen texting and driving
  • Should texting and driving be illegal
  • Is texting while driving declining
  • How dangerous is texting while driving
  • Does texting while driving impairs the driver’s abilities

Cyber Bullying

  • What is cyber bullying
  • Victims of cyber bullying
  • How to protect yourself from cyber bullying
  • Examples of cyber bullying include
  • Effects of cyber bullying
  • How is bullying online different from face to face bullying
  • The Psychological Impact of cyber bullying

How Not to Write a Poor Assessment Research Paper

The Authors Point of View vs. the Writer’s Assessment

  • When writing an assessment research paper it is important for the writer not to criticize the author or persuade the audience that his ideas are right and the author’s ideas are wrong. His goal is to critically interpret the primary and secondary sources within the paper.

Avoid Evaluation Statements

  • Avoid evaluation statement such as stating that something is an excellent example or representation of something which tell the reader that you like or agree with something.

Don’t Make Unsubstantiated Claims

  • Do not make claims that are not supported with evidence from the readings—in other words, your opinions.

Must Thoroughly Research and Analyze

  • All research papers require the writer to seek information from outside sources; however, the assessment research paper also requires the writer to critically examine the work of another author.  He must look at style of writing, statistics, results, theoretical framework, controversies, and the author’s purpose. If a student had an assignment to write this type of paper he would begin by deciding on a research paper subject. Then he would have to thoroughly research the subject and analyze it.

Must Format and Cite the Research Paper

MLA and APA Style of Writing:

MLA Research Paper Formatting and Citing Guidelines

  • Type & double space
  • Standard-Sized Paper (8.5” x 11”)
  • Legible 12 point font (e.g. Times New Roman)
  • One space after punctuation
  • 1 Inch margins (All Sides)

APA Style Research Paper Formatting and Citing Guidelines

  • Typed and Double-Spaced
  • Standard-Sized Paper (8.5” x 11”)
  • Times New Roman 12 Pt. Font
  • 1” Margins (All Sides)
  • Page header at the top of every page

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