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Life is all around us. It is existent in the weed by the lawn, the stagnant starfish by the shore, the bug on the flower and the neighbor’s barking dog. These things may seem to be insignificant to some, but truth is – intricacies involved in the development of these organisms are exciting to many. The complexity of all living things makes for a very interesting science. Biology or literally, the study of life – is an encompassing discipline of science.

Biology Term Papers

Biology essay, because of the breadth of this subject, has a lot of possible easy essay topics to consider. Some of the topics can be lifted from the different branches of biology, the varied research methods, the remarkable scientists who contributed to the further study of this science and the latest developments in this field. The current study of this field is rooted on five basic foundations of modern biology. provides you with the term paper writing help that you need by giving you a refresher course on these core principles, which can be a good basis for your topic.

There are a lot of topics that are discussed in biology because the subject literally surrounds us. However, all of these are unified by the basic principles of life. enlists and gives a brief explanation of these key axioms in biology.

  • Homeostasis
  1. This is the ability of an individual’s internal system to regulate itself to maintain a condition that is constant.
  2. An example of a topic for this:
  • How the human immune system reacts to vaccines
  • Cell theory
  1. This theory states that cell is the most important unit of life. Life starts with a single cell and through the complex process of development which starts with, cell division, life progresses.
  2. Sample topic for this is:
  • Possibility of intervention in the DNA transmission during cell division
  • Genetics
  1. The concept of genetics explains that heredity is caused by genes.
  2. A possible topic for this is:
  • How to manipulate genes into making a superior breed of rice
  • Energy
  1. This concept states that all living organisms use and alter energy.
  2. A likely topic for this is:
  • The development of an infant and the amount of energy it consumes in the process
  • Evolution is a concept that describes that organisms develop and change to accommodate the changes in the environment and to increase adaptability
  1. Sample topic for this is:
  • Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution: recent scientific proofs

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