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Fiction and Non-Fiction Book Reports

Book Report Writing Help

Book Report Writing Help

If you are required to write a book report, whether on a fictional or nonfiction book, the main thing you need to do after reading the book is to write a brief synopsis of the book followed by a presentation of your reaction to it. A book report provides the structure for literary criticism based on the actual content of the book, the value and the approach by the author. Book reports are often required to meet elementary and secondary educational course goals and the instructor uses the written or oral book report to gauge the amount of learning that has taken place in the areas of comprehension, writing, organization of materials, and critical thinking. A book report format highlights or chronicles the main events of the book and then depending on academic requirements, can go further in depth by analyzing a specific passage or actions of a character, etc. Emphasis is usually placed on those parts of the book that may be related to a specific academic discipline or subject matter.

The primary difference between a book report based on fiction and one based on science fiction is that fiction is based on an incident, account, or characters that did not actually exist, whereas science fiction or nonfiction is a book based on actual, true accounts, historical figures or facts. Fiction usually comes in the form of novels, poems, short stories, and plays whereas nonfiction is more suited to editorials, journal articles, and news accounts from the Internet or newspaper.

Choose a Book and Read It

Choosing a book for your book report is truly one of the most important steps of writing a report. If you choose a book that is not well suited to your tastes, you may be bored and dispassionate about the topic and it will show up in your writing. There are several steps to take to ensure you choose the right book and are able to read it and take good notes for your report:

A. The first thing to decide is whether you prefer to read a fiction or nonfiction book.

B. The second step is to read the instructions from your professor and determine not only what type of book you will most enjoy reading but also which genre might be easily related to your course subject.

C. Develop a short list of possible book report ideas by visiting your local library or performing an Internet search. Begin with a list of five to ten possibilities, number them in order of your preference, but don’t spend too much time on this step.

D. Read the inside and back cover minimally of the top five books on your list to get a feel for whether you will actually like the book.

E. Choose the book which will lend itself most easily to the instructions for your book report and will also satisfy your need for an enjoyable reading experience.

F. Read the book through at least once all the way through and make note or otherwise mark pages with passages that you may want to refer back to. Try to read leisurely without forcing yourself to read a set number of pages in a sitting.

G. Use your notes from the reading for the next step which is to set up your outline.

Make an Outline For Your Book Report

The outline for your book report will depend largely on whether you have chosen a book that is fiction or nonfiction. Format your outline by listing the things you want to discuss in your report. For a book report outline on fictional work, you will want to include categories for an introduction or setting description, characters, and plot. If relevant, you can also have separate headings to discuss main character and time period. For nonfiction works, the outline headings will be slightly different. The first heading or section will be a short introduction or description of the subject of the book followed by a heading for each of the main points in the book. Both types of report outline will conclude with your thoughts or analysis on what you’ve read.

Your Book Report Structure

Each book report regardless of which type of book involved includes several basic sections as part of the book report structure:

Introduction: The introduction consists of a brief but well built paragraph that gives the title of the book (underlined), the genre, the name of the author, and information about publication. It should also include a short synopsis of the overall theme or message of the book and an explanation of what you intend to analyze in your report. Avoid listing previous works or biographical information about the author of the book.

Body or Analysis: The body of the book report is typically the largest part of your writing. This is the section that is used to highlight all your main points, your analysis of the work, and your opinion on the work. For fictional works you may talk about whether or not the author presented his characters and their world in a convincing way and for nonfiction works you might want to discuss whether or not the author presented the idea or history and facts in a way that was interesting and not mundane. In this section you will also give your analysis of things such as the style of the writing and progression of events or presentation of facts. Make sure to talk about the way the book ended and present your opinion about the points in the book.

Conclusion: The final section of your book report will be your conclusion. This section of your book report structure consists of a couple paragraphs that can cover additional information without introducing anything new. It should be a short revamp or summary of your analysis and opinion on the book. In many cases, the parting line is a single sentence that provides your overall opinion of the book.

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