Your Chemistry Research Paper on Any Topic

Chemistry is the science that deals with the study of matter and the changes it undergoes. As opposed to physics, chemistry is specialized – such that it is concerned with composition, structure and properties of matter. This specialization is the reason why there are a number of areas for exploration for anybody who attempts to write a chemistry research paper. So to speak, the possibility of research paper topics remain endless and that writing a good research paper can be achieved, if you are determined to do so.

Chemistry Research Papers

Chemistry Research Papers

To assist you in choosing a good research paper topic, enlisted few of them below.

As with all courses, chemistry is divided into several sub-disciplines. These specialized sub-fields are described below with a few topic suggestions for each type, as enlisted by

  • Analytical chemistry is directed towards the study of natural and artificial material’s chemical composition.


  • Gravimetric Analysis: determining the amount of water in a hydrate
  • Practical applications of Near Infrared spectroscopy in rapid grain analysis, medical diagnosis and food analysis.
  • Biochemistry attempts to study chemical-related reactions and interactions within a living organism.


  • Interdependence of genetics, molecular biology and biophysics
  • Experiments in cloning and creating plant hybrids
  • Neurochemistry studies the role of chemicals in maintaining and modifying the nervous system.


  • Contraindicated medicines for people with nervous system diseases
  • Effectiveness of triggering neurotransmitters in relaxing the muscles
  • Atmospheric chemistry studies the chemistry of Earth’s atmosphere and other planets.


  • The ozone layer and how atmospheric chemicals contribute to its depletion
  • Effects of atmospheric chemicals in the changing climate
  • Pharmacology is the study of action, contraindications of drugs.


  • Legislation and safety measures taken by national government in monitoring drug use
  • Pharmacology of natural medicines
  • Immunochemistry is a sub-field that studies the reactions of human’s immune system.


  • Detection of syphilis through the Wasserman test
  • Role of immunochemistry in developing anti toxins

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