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Students who are seeking a degree in history must be very familiar with the guidelines and format of a Chicago style term paper. The Chicago style is published in The Chicago Manual of Style. Aside from being used on history academic paper, this is also a preferred referencing style for publications in social sciences. Not only students choose to employ this specific style guide, but recognized groups such as American Anthropological Association and Organization of American historians also opt for this.

The published guide provides an extensive list of documenting guidelines for varied types of reference materials. What makes Chicago style unique is that it is very dynamic. Its flexibility allows writers to choose format that is comfortable for them. In fact, it does not discourage integration of different citing styles, or format as long as it is presented in a consistent and clear manner. There is even provision on their published manula that suggests the use of both in-text citations and footnotes or endnotes. recommends that purchasing this style guide manual is necessary if you are taking a course in history, so as to familiarize yourself with the details and to get deeply acquainted with this style.

Chicago Style Term Papers

Despite the fact that such a manual will be thoroughly useful for a student in an academe, also understands that this might not be a necessity for everybody. We provide you the essay writing help that you need with the following document formatting guide lines.

  • Title page
  1. Write the complete title, your name, the title of the course and the instructor, and the date
  2. Do not place a page number but make sure that the succeeding page is numbered at 2.
  • Page numbers
  1. Write the corresponding page number in Hindu Arabic numerals.
  • Margins
  1. Use one inch on all 4 sides.
  • Spacing
  1. Use only double space all through out the manuscript.
  • Tables
  1. Label them with hindu arabic numerals. For example, table 1.
  2. Write a title to identify the table.
  3. Write them on the upper left side of the table, in separate lines.
  4. Write the source below the table and follow this format:

Source: author’s name, title of material (place of publication: publishing house, year), page number.

  • Figures
  1. Write the label and a title on the lower left side of the figure
  2. Write them in one line.
  3. “Fig.” can be used instead of the word figure.
  4. Place them close to the referred text
  5. Your professor may also opt to have them placed in the appendix section.

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