Controversial Research Paper Topics

Controversial Research Papers on any Topic

Controversial research paper topics makes for interesting research paper topics. Such topics usually tackle current issues, on hand, that affect a vast part of the population. Often times, a writer finds it difficult to express his points on this type of topics because of their sensitivity. The important points that the writer wants to make must always be backed up and validated by reference materials that are credible. Without which, the credibility of your own paper is at risk. If you are eager to find a topic for your research paper that is controversial, it is advisable to look into the current events, as they are the very type of subject that sparks interests and attention of many. Also, you might want to look into the long-time debatable and unresolved issues such as death penalty, sex education in school and migration laws. provides you with a list of controversial topics that you can us for your academic paper.

If you are given a free rein by your teacher in choosing a topic for your paper, enlists few topic suggestions that you can expound on.

  • Terrorism in the United States of America
  • AIDS among African children
  • Gay marriage

Controversial Research Paper Topics

Controversial Research Paper Topics

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