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A term paper is given by professors to serve as an assessment for the student who took a specific course. This requirement provides instructors with a subjective way of measuring the student’s skills. As this allows the student to express their views in a not so limited manner, term papers are very effective in determining a student’s analytical and critical abilities, which could not be found out if the student takes an examination. Hence, term papers are one of the critical and usual requirements that are given by any discipline in all academic institutions.

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Critical Analysis Term Papers

Critical Analysis Term Papers

Analysis term papers are given for a purpose. There are three basic types or format of a term paper. These are explanatory term paper, analysis term paper and argumentative research paper. The type of term paper that is assigned by your professor or instructor would usually assist you in determining the type of direction you will take on your academic paper.

Hence, suggests that getting acquainted with the basics of these three types of term paper would be very helpful, if not necessary, in determining something as fundamental as a topic.

What is the purpose of your paper? says that this should be the primary question that you should answer at the initial stages of composing your academic paper. Naturally, you can seek the assistance of your professors when addressing this issue. In fact, the answer to this question might already be included in the set of instructions that he has provided you, or even to the questions or prompts that he has outlined.

After knowing the response to this query, it is now time to know the differences between the three basic formats of term papers.

  • Explanatory term paper – as the name suggests, this type of term paper attempts to provide explanation to the targeted reader. A writer becomes effective when he is able to explain and clarify the issue at hand in a clear manner.
  • Argumentative term paper – from the word itself, it can be deduced that this term paper type has a goal to provide an argument to the readers. That is, the writer attempts to persuade his readers into accepting a certain point of view on the specified topic.
  • Analysis term paper – this type of term paper tries to evaluate the chosen term paper topic. Here, the writer must be able to scrutinize and evaluate the components and factors of the topic, whether it is an issue or otherwise. Also, an effective analytical term paper writer must also relay the relationship of each component to each other. Because of the vast elements that are contained within a topic, a writer may sometimes end up with an incomplete analysis.

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