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What You Should Know About Descriptive Essays

Out of all the academic papers, the descriptive essay is the one that requires the most expertise at using the sensory connotation of written words. When writing this type of essay select vocabulary words that will have more of an effect of feelings and less on the bases of the explicit meaning of the word. If you are not familiar with these concepts, ask your proctor or some other expert on the subject. You can also drop in at The associates are experienced in the field of technical and academic writing, and they are waiting and willing to assist you. The associates at have produced descriptive essays for many satisfied and returning clients.

What is a research paper? Well, to put it in simple terms, a research paper is a paper that is written after a methodical and organized investigation of a subject has been performed. The research is conducted to collect facts, principals, and information on the subject. The research process requires critical thinking, source evaluation, organization.

Descriptive Research Paper Writing Help

Descriptive Essay Writing Help

There are many types of research papers. One of them is the descriptive essay which describes problems, trends, patterns, information, or events. This type of paper is not easy to write and can be especially daunting to writers who do not understand the process of research paper writing. First of all, the writer must think of a good research paper topic. Next, a descriptive research study of the subject should be performed. This study will help the writer ascertain and describe the characteristics and various aspects of the subject. However, the writer must also have knowledge of the idioms of the language and possess the ability to create a clear written description of the data and views. A vivid image must be created in the mind of the reader. It is also important to remember that this type of essay is not based on opinion but should provide information; therefore, the writer must thoroughly research his subject.

Organization is the key to writing a good descriptive essay. Follow the steps outlined below:

There are many Two of them are the qualitative research method and the quantitative research method. Research methodology is the section of a research proposal in which the methods to be used are described.

Guidelines for Writing a Good Descriptive Essay

Writing a Descriptive Essay

  • Take the time to recreate the picture in your imagination. Intensify your perception of the sights, sounds, smells, textures, and tastes that you wish to convey to your readers.
  • Decide on the thesis or the message that you will convey in your article.
  • Carefully select from the collective sensations you created just those images that will effectively support your stand in this matter.
  • Use vivid names, action words, and place descriptions effectively in sentences.
  • Emphasize details that you feel are the most important and will leave an impact in the mind of the reader.

Research Paper Components:

  • Research Paper Cover Page (Your name, Instructor’s Name, Date of the Submission, Title)
  • Research Paper Table of Contents (Guide to Specific Pages)
  • Research Paper Introduction (Thesis Statement and Main Idea)
  • Research Paper Body (Information)

Research Paper Title

Assure that the research paper’s title is compelling. The title should be interesting and catch the reader’s attention. Titles can be generated after the paper is written. Brainstorming is also helpful in deciding on a good title.

Research Paper Introduction

Make your introduction brief and do not become too wordy. Instead state the main idea and shortly afterward wrap up the introduction and move on to the next part of your paper.

Research Paper Types

Some of the research paper types are:

If a student is not familiar with the concepts of writing a descriptive essay, it would be wise to ask a proctor to answer research paper questions.

Furthermore, help can be sought from an online from a team of experienced writers who can provide sample research papers, research paper templates, and same day research papers.

Great Descriptive Essay Topics

  • How Cybercrime Affects our Lives ( Give examples and describe the chaos cyber crime created in someone’s life)
  • The Consequence of Poverty on Children ( Describe the effect poverty have on children)

  • Examining the Topic of Teenage Pregnancy (Explain and describe the connection between peer pressure and teenage pregnancy)
  • Children and Exercise (Compare and describe the exercise habits of children in the past and present)
  • Growth and Development of Premature Babies (Describe the stages of development for premature babies)
  • Teens who Refuse Birth Control ( Describe the mindset of teens who refuse birth control when it is readily available)
  • Factors that Contribute to Effective Learning in the Classroom (Describe the teaching methods used by  effective teachers; describe the learning culture of the school)
  • Gangs in Small Cities (Describe the culture of gangs in small cities vs gangs in large cities)
  • Examining Girl Gangs ( Describe the persona of a girl gang member and what motivates her to become a member)
  • How Technology Contribute to Obesity (Describe the daily routine of an individual in the present and describe the daily routine of an individual twenty years ago)
  • Teenage Binge Drinking (Describe consequences of underage binge drinking)
  • The Plight of Homeless Women and Children (Describe the life of homeless women and children and the plight they face)
  • How Unemployment Affects Men (Describe how men feel that unemployment affects their roles as a man
  • The Impact of Globalization on Culture (Describe the positive and negative impact of globalization)
  • Going Green Can be Good for Business (Describe how going green can be profitable for a business)
  • Age Bias in the Work Place (Describe how age bias can affect baby boomers)
  • Greed in Corporate America (Describe how greed in corporate America has influenced the economy)
  • Worldview (Describe the various worldviews)
  • Down Sizing in Corporate America (Describe the phenomena of downsizing past and present)
  • The Impact on Families when the Woman is the Breadwinner (Describe the impact on these families)

Your Research Paper Format

When writing a research paper the writer must provide a record of the sources used in the research, and the paper must be formatted properly. Failing to cite the paper properly could lead to allegations of plagiarism. Two of the most common used styles of citing and formatting are MLA Style (Modern Language Association) and APA Style (American Psychological Association). MLA style is used to write papers and cite sources within the liberal arts and humanities, and APA is used to cite sources within the social sciences.

MLA Research Paper Formatting and Citing Guidelines

  • Type & double space
  • Standard-Sized Paper (8.5” x 11”)
  • Legible 12 point font (e.g. Times New Roman)
  • One space after punctuation
  • 1 Inch margins (All Sides)
  • Create a header that numbers all pages consecutively in the upper right-hand corner, one-half inch from the top and flush with the right margin
  • Indent the first line of paragraphs
  • Use italics for the titles of longer works
  • Research Paper Footnotes
  • Always follow your instructor’s guidelines

More APA formatting tips

APA Style Research Paper Formatting and Citing Guidelines

  • Typed and Double-Spaced
  • Standard-Sized Paper (8.5” x 11”)
  • Times New Roman 12 Pt. Font
  • 1” Margins (All Sides)
  • Page header at the top of every page
  • To create a page header insert page numbers flush right. Then type “TITLE OF YOUR PAPER” in the header
  • Major sections are: Title Page, Abstract, Main Body, and References.
  • In- Text Citations and a Reference Page

More MLA formatting tips

Things to Avoid when Writing a Descriptive Essay

  • Do not become disorganized while you are researching the topic. Use descriptive research methods to avoid this pitfall.

  • Do not make the introduction to long. Instead state the main idea and shortly afterward wrap up the introduction and move on to the next part of your paper.
  • Do not write a bias paper; Good research paper writing does not entail using your judgments, comments, opinions or conclusions.
  • When researching a subject in order to write a descriptive essay, remember not to look for a definitive answer or to disprove a hypothesis, but merely to search for facts.
  • Do not input how a situation affected you. For example, leave out sentences such as “I was awe struck by his great performance.”  Instead, just give the facts and describe the performance.  As a matter of fact, if you are using “I” you are probably not writing a good descriptive paper. The main objective for a good descriptive paper is to give facts and describe the information, problems, trends, patterns, or events.
  • When writing other types of academic papers the thesis statement is usually used to persuade or convince the reader, but avoid writing this type of statement for your descriptive research paper thesis. Instead, the thesis statement should state the focus of the paper and tell the reader what the message is going to be about.
  • Do not use the conclusion of the descriptive essay as your last chance to persuade your readers to your point of view, but use it for highlighting the details of your message and to conclude the writing.

Finishing Touches

  • Review the paper and pay attention to the overhaul effect
  • Rewrite sections that tend to tell a story rather than create a picture.
  • Make certain that your article paints precisely the picture that you intend to create
  • Proof read and edit the paper and correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors

As you can see, in order to write an impressive descriptive essay, vivid and appropriate, not just correct, sentence structure is a must. Knowledge of synonyms and idiomatic expressions are indispensable. Synonyms are easily found in the thesaurus and dictionary; however, idioms may only be found in special publications, and it is essential to use and understand them.  When an idiom is translated into another language, either its meaning is changed, or it is meaningless. Therefore, the correct use of idioms requires knowledge of the connotations of the language that only experience can bring.

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