Descriptive Research Paper Writing Tips

Descriptive research, or also known as statistical research, is a research technique with intent to measure the phenomenon being studied. In essence, this technique answers questions of who, what, where, when and how. Despite its name, a descriptive research paper cannot allow the researcher to describe the cause of a situation since data description or presentation must be factual, accurate and systematic. There are varied ways of employing a descriptive research. These are surveys, case studies, developmental studies, observational research and correlation studies. To further give you a basic overview on these techniques, provides brief description of these methods.

The choice of a descriptive research technique is dependent on the research paper topic and the choice of the researcher. description on these methods will help you decide on the appropriate approach to utilize.

Survey is a process of data collection of quantitative information on a population. There are varied ways of collecting information through survey, which are:

Descriptive Research Papers

Descriptive Research Papers

  • Questionnaires
  • Delphi method is a technique that involves the use of questionnaire that tries to gather consensus on a subject.
  • Personal interviews
  • Normative surveys



Case studies provide in-depth data on a specific event on the topic of your choice. As the name implies, this is an examination of particular case that may provide a different insight on the topic.

Developmental studies provide a longitudinal examination of a subject. This means that the subject will be studied and monitored over a period of several years.

People who employ Observational research chooses to visually examine the subject, as opposed to asking questions

Correlational research attempts to define the interdependence of two or more variables of a subject.

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