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What is a Drama Essay

Dramas and plays, more often than novels and movies, deflagrate into people’s minds and hearts with their themes. Evidently, this is the primary reason, if not the sole reason, as to why theaters have endured for centuries. Shakespeare, Chekhov, and many other prominent dramatists have found their abodes in people’s souls through their gift of creating plays that can move even the stonehearted. A drama essay does exactly what excellent plays warrant-appreciation. It celebrates and critiques the plots, characters, literary styles, themes, and a number of other elements of plays. Most importantly, it gives drama students an opportunity to analyze a play and develop observational and analytical skills; characteristics that narrative Essays do not even require, let alone develop.

Much More Than a Drama Review

A drama essay is different from a review, the latter revolving around merely superficial impressions of a play, but because a drama essay goes into exhaustive analysis of a play, it certainly requires a lot of careful study.

When You Start Writing

Drama Research Paper Writing Help

Drama Essay Writing Help

The most important pre-requisite is that you watch a professional theatrical rendition of the play to develop an insight into the plot. Chances are there will be minimum or no alterations made to the paper version of the play, since that is the norm. Your school or university or the public library will most certainly have a cassette or DVD of the play.

  • Read the play to clarify doubts and develop secondary insight. In addition, this reading will sharpen your analysis of the theme and plot.
  • The primary focus of the essay must be the plot and how the climax evolves.
  • The characters and literary style must be paid secondary attention, and even when analysing these aspects, the plot and theme must be thoroughly considered. Elaborate on how the characters and literary style are conducive to the development of the plot and manifestation of the theme.
  • Use and quote drama essays and reviews of experts and professional critiques to justify and support you stance.

Drama Essay Style

Most courses will require you to write your drama essay in a particular style, mostly the MLA style. Stick to the style even if it means you have to learn it from scratch, because most professors assign a certain percentage of the grade to the accuracy of the academic style. Even if your content is poor, your academic style must be close to perfect. Don’t fret if the different academic styles are obscure to you, you can always refer to the libraries, or even better, request for a sample essay for a price from a reputed essay and discourse retailer such as CustomEssayPapers.com.

Great Topics for a Drama Essay

The following is a list of both the classical, traditional as well modern drama topics with brief outlines:

1. The Aesthetic Expression in Greek drama

Greek drama explores the ordinary life of the Greeks. Most of the dramas and especially the tragedies showed the real life of people and the repercussion for their evil action against other people. Thus they express the emotion that is depicted through the behavior or character traits as well as through issues that one goes through in life. Therefore, in drama, the aesthetic expression entails the reflection on the ordinary life of people and function as mirror to the emotions and feelings that people have about life. Through drama, one can express the emotion and connect with the real life.

2. Conditions of Greek Theatrical Performance

Greek performances were different from other forms of drama. For example Dionysus was a city in Greece that was used for various dramatic performances. Gods were highly respected during these performances as they were associated with success of the play. Tragedies were real and dealt with facts. There were festivals as well as competitions between the participants in a given drama.

3. Elizabethan Drama

Under this topic, you learn in detail about the Elizabethan drama, how and when they started. They stared during the Renaissance in Europe. Elizabethan drama involves both comedies and tragedies. Tragedies are connected to plays that are historical. They also involved reality and facts. This drama were done during the period referred to as the Elizabethan age that commenced at about 1558 during the resign of Queen Elizabeth I. This age was begging of development of the western drama before Shakespeare

4. Romeo and Juliet

This is a dramatic play by William Shakespeare where the two protagonists are in love. However, we come across the families of the two engaged in quarrels about their relationship. The Montague and Capulet, in Verona are in disagreements about their status. Moreover, due to the enmity that has existed for long between the two families, it is difficult for them to come together again. Therefore, this topic explores in detail the characters, the plot, themes, styles as well as other elements used in the drama such as costumes and the setting which is in this particular case in Verona in Italy

5. Defining Tragedy

Tragedy involves a form of drama where the end is marked by sadness or pain. There is pity and fear to the protagonist as he approaches the end where he has to suffer. The catharsis if highly affected by the character as the plot approaches the climax. The main character falls from power due to his actions or external force and ends up regretting for example King Oedipus

6. Themes in Oedipus Rex

Some of the dominant themes in the tragedy include the plaque and health as the whole country suffer through flood due to his actions, the origin of children as he remarks about his origin, another major theme is sight and blindness as well as the relationship between youth and age.

7. Oedipus the King

This is a tragedy whose setting is in the city of Thebes. A tragedy has befallen the entire city. The king has to suffer for his actions.

8. The Prologues and Parados in the drama; King Oedipus

The Prologue in the drama is about the Oedipus, Priest and Creon. Prologue has a dramatic significance in the play. There is chorus that explains to the character such as Zeus to fight for Thebes against Ares who is depicted as a god and is intending to destroy the whole city. The Parado is that the people of Thebes pray to their gods to save them from the plaque that had befallen them

9. Exodos in the drama king Oedipus

This is depicted in the play when eyewitness tells about Jocasta’s suicide and Oedipus’ blinding himself as he felt humiliated and in grief due to his actions.

10. Aeschylus

Aeschylus was one of the ancient Greek tragic writers. Other tragedians of the time include Sophocles and Euripides. Aeschylus is referred to as the father of tragedy. He highly wrote about the festivals that were carried out at the City Dionysus. Some of his main tragedies include The Oresteia, Seven against Thebes, Agamemnon and The Persians among others. His tragedies still exist till today.

11. Oresteia’s dominant patterns of imagery or themes

Oresteia trilogy uses several images and themes. Some of the major themes include revenge, human justice, women rights and consequences of war. Through these themes, imageries are brought out such as those of people at war, a man denying a woman her rights and negligence of ones responsibility.

12. Aristotle’s Theory of Tragedy in the poetics

According to Aristotle, tragedy involves the imitation of an action referred to as mimesis. The main medium of any given tragedy is drama and the narrative that is involved. He argues that the plot is the most crucial component of any tragedy. Plot involves the process of arrangement of the incidents in the drama as it entails the structure of the play. Characters come second in essence followed by the thought. Thought applies where something has to be proved right or wrong. The spectacle comes second last which is directly connected to the literature and the audience. While katharsis comes last that can be got from the tragedy. Karthasis depicts emotions which involve fear and pity to the protagonist.

13. Tragic Flaws in the Oedipus Plays

There are various tragic flaws that can be got from the play king Oedipus. As the play opens, we come across Oedipus speaking about murder of Laius. He describes the tracks and traces as he laments about the murder of his father. Incest is another incident that is a taboo in Greek society that marks one of tragic flaw. Another flaw is seen when he fathers a child with his own mother this is a grave tragedy. Due to these flaws, tragedies have engulfed the city with the plaque floods. Oedipus ends up blinding himself becoming a helpless old man in Thebes.

14. Oedipus versus Hamlet

Oedipus and Hamlet by Shakespeare can be compared and contrasted to show the vivid similarities and differences between them. For example in the play king Oedipus, Oedipus is seen as a man of action. He is driven to act by making quick decisions thus he is driven by whim. Moreover, Oedipus is more selfless than Hamlet due to his own actions. Hamlet does not show signs that depict selfish motives in what he plans to undertake. Oedipus seems to be more learned, wiser, religious, loving as well as incestuous than Hamlet. Oedipus is able to investigate cases of murder better that Hamlet

15. The medieval drama

This refers to the theatre of Europe that was dominant in the Western Roman Empire. This was when renaissance was taking place across Europe. Constantine was converted into the lustful and bloody spectacles which were connected to the church. Due to these actions, there rose a great desire and demand for drama by people at the time in the entire world. Thus drama was incorporated in the church which was mainly done after the service. It was performed by the actors before the audience. This lead to flourishing drama in the early Greece and the entire Roman Empire

16. The city of Dionysia

This was a city where festivals were carried out in the early Greece at Athens.  Gods of Dionysus were honored during these performances that involved lots of drama. Tragedies were the central component in this performances where they involved reality, people died as they fought and acted those tragedies. They were done during different periods of the year.

17. Modern drama

Modern drama is said to have began in the early 19th century. This was marked by Henrik Ibsen with his famous plays in the beginning of the century. However, the role of the play had changed from how they were performed in the ancient times. In addition, with the rise in films and television and other forms of media, drama has been advanced and spread across the world. Technology has also been incorporated in the modern drama. In modern society, drama also involve a radical thought as they aim at disseminating of value and mirroring the real life of people in modern society. Struggle between the old and young is also depicted in most of the modern dramas

18. The Oresteia

The Oresteia is one of the major tragedies by Aeschylus and a famous Greek tragedy. This drama was first performed at the city of Dionysia during one of the famous festivals. It is one of the surviving trilogies that were done during the ancient Greek by Aeschylus.

19. Renaissance Drama

During the renaissance of drama, it spread across Europe. Previously, most of dramatists who were mainly Greek and Roman were concentrated in Italy, France and Germany as well as in England. However, with the come of the renaissance, drama spread almost to every part in Europe. For example during the renaissance comedia del arte was developed. This was performed in the streets by actors who wore masks and costumes which depicted their form of acting to the audience

20. Shakespeare and his contributions in drama

Shakespeare had remarkable contributions in drama. He wrote some of the most famous s tragedies, histories as well as comedies. Some of his most famous plays include Hamlet, Merchant of Venice, Romeo and Juliet among others. His writings in the dramas had the most hilarious connotations that are still used in the modern society. His heroes were memorable due to their character traits that depicted life in the real setting. He also highly criticized dramas especially tragedies in his poetry.

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