Essay Prompts Direct Students in Writing

Useful Prompts for Writing Good Essays and Research Papers

essay prompts are created by teachers to serve as a guide for students on their research paper writing activity. An effective essay prompt would result to an research paper that is comprehensive and valid. Aside from incorporating the details of the research paper topic within the essay prompt, the teacher must create a prompt that allows the student to explore his analytical and organizational skills. Aside from this, there are other factors that must be considered in composing an research paper prompt efficiently. enumerates a few:
An essay prompt is the basis of a student when it comes to composing an research paper. suggests that a good prompt must be:

Research Paper Help

Research Paper Help

  • Brief and concise. Too many words may only end up confusing the research paper writer. Remember that you are writing an essay paper prompt, not an essay.
  • Appropriate to the age and level of the students. Hence, a middle school research paper topic should be entirely different for topics on high school research papers or masters research paper. Furthermore, for younger students, controversial issues must be avoided so as not to alarm the students and their parents
  • Focused. A good essay prompt must not include unnecessary details that might just confuse your students.
  • Should not be biased to any social identity. Hence, it should not implicate discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, social economic background, and others.

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