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We encounter the term ethics almost everyday of our lives. This term which is derived from the Greek word ethos which means moral habit, is often associated with principles and the question of good versus evil. This idea is so common, such that it is innate for every human to feel the need to be ethical because of the concept of conscience. Every issue that we encounter in the news and even daily occurrences in our personal lives is motivated by the desire of humans to feel righteous. As the society dictates, those who decide to do wrong are punished while those who opt to do the right thing must be esteemed. Ethics is not a new concept.

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In fact, it dates back to the time of the Ancient Greeks where the so-called seven wise men or the seven sages speak of this concept. Today, ethics is continually being studied by experts. Many universities, mostly in their social sciences discipline, incorporate ethics as part of their curriculum. At times, colleges even offer this course as an independent one. Usually, a person who specializes in this type of study gets acquainted with the branches of ethics.

The branches of ethics are: meta-ethics, normative ethics, applied ethics, moral psychology and descriptive ethics. To enlighten you on the differences of these branches, provides you a basic and brief description for each. Also, it will be further illustrated to you by associating it with a highly relevant issue, politics. May this illustration and brief discussion provide you with an inspiration on how to write your ethics essay.

Ethics is a branch of philosophy. To further understand this concept, sub-branches under ethics were created. The branches discussed here are just the major branches of the social science. has also incorporated an illustration for each, with relation to the issue of politics.

  • Meta-ethics provides an abstract description of ethical actions and provides method on how to determine their truth or validity
  • Meta-ethics on politics: determining the message, intentions and sincerity of politicians during the campaign period
  • Normative ethics refers to the feasible way of establishing ethical standards or actions
  • Normative ethics on politics: process of passing pro-life laws in the congress
  • Applied ethics is about attaining ethical results in a given situation
  • Applied ethics on politics: including pro-poor projects during annual budget planning of an urban area
  • Moral psychology attempts to discuss the nature and development of human or individual ethics
  • Moral psychology on politics: first time politicians, and how they adapt to the system
  • Descriptive ethics explains the ethical principles and standards that people follow
  • Descriptive ethics on politics: the United Nations and how they influence the political system of member countries

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