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Term papers are given by professors to gauge the writing skills of the students.

There are varied types of writing. This includes argumentative research paper, analysis term paper and expository, among others. Each type of term paper has its own purpose and has its own format. As such, a term paper writer takes a different approach for each kind of Essays. An expository essay is one format of the expository type of writing. Expository writing aims to provide information and explanation on the term paper topic chosen by the writer.

It also allows the writer to explore the topic through the provision of definition and description. This term paper is often given by professors in universities and colleges to help them determine a student’s fluency and skills in providing descriptions and explanations. Also, it allows the instructors to determine if the student is capable of simplifying complex ideas, to make it easier for readers to understand them. This type of term paper is used on varied ways. This may include step by step instructions on a particular procedure, as with a process term paper.

Expository Term Papers

Expository Essays

A writer may also choose to identify the similarities and differences of two separate entities, as with a compare and contrast essay. Finally, he may also opt to examine the origin and result of a specific action, as with a cause and effect essay. CustomEssayPapers.com suggests that aside from choosing an interesting research paper topic, you must also decide on which type of writing style would you like to adapt.

The differences of the three expository essays can be determined by their very name. CustomEssayPapers.com further expounds on them below by adding essay topic samples.

  • Process essay attempts to explain a procedure in a chronological manner. Here, the writers can use numbers or bullets to separate the step from each other. Otherwise, key words like first, next or finally should be used.
  • A process paper on how to convert a regular car to a drift car
  • Compare and contrast essay provides explanation on two different ideas. As the name implies, this term paper provides the reader with the likeness and distinction of the topic. These are usually detailed in the body part of the term paper.
  • A comparative analysis on the similarities and differences of anti histamine agents: cetirizine and loratadine
  • Cause and effect essay allows the reader to define and illustrate the root and consequence of a particular action. This type of expository writing goes beyond the basic description, as it provides a venue for the reader to state his observations.
  • An academic paper that defines the causes and effects of smoking

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