Five Paragraph Term Papers

Most of the time, your professor would set guidelines for you to follow in all assignments that you do have. One of the most common tasks that university and college students receive is writing a term paper. The usual guidelines that are included on this writing task include instructions on styles. You may be instructed to write an argumentative term paper or an expository term paper. At times, professors dictate the topic. Students taking a course in finance may be asked to choose between writing a management term paper or an accounting term paper.

The type of documenting can also be the classification that your professors may choose. Examples for this are Chicago style term paper or APA format term paper. Another common guideline that professors abide by is the provision of limits. Some professors would ask you to write an essay that has only 500 words. In some cases, professors would require you to come up with a term paper based on the number of paragraphs that they have. says that the most common type of academic paper, with reference to the number of paragraphs, is a five paragraph term paper.

Five Paragraph Term Papers

Five Paragraph Term Papers

Guidelines are given to be followed. They are not merely outlined by professors because they are lazy to read long academic papers. Such limitations are often provided because your instructor would want to assess you. First, your skills in following instructions are evaluated. Second, your ability to provide essential and substantial information is also determined by setting such restrictions. No matter what the purpose of your instructor is, it is highly vital for you to follow them strictly. If you are confused on how you must write your term paper with only 5 paragraphs, here is an outline provided by

  • The first paragraph must contain the introduction. An introduction should include the topic that you choose to discuss. You must also provide the reason why you have decided to take that topic. You must be able to explain also why this topic becomes relevant.
  • The second, third and fourth paragraphs contain the body of the term paper. Here, a writer may discuss the topic in an in-depth manner. Make sure that each paragraph is dedicated to a specific theme or idea. Hence, with a limit of a 3-paragraph body, it is ideal to keep your arguments at a maximum of 3.
  • The last or the fifth paragraph is for the conclusion of your term paper. The writer must be able to re-state his thesis statement and repeat the most important point found in the body. The ideas that he would want the readers to remember must be stressed through the conclusion.

Writing a five paragraph term paper may seem to be easy, but definitely not for those who are in a rush. If you find yourself cramming and trying to put up a term paper for the next day, stop increasing the font size and margin. Including redundant sentences and useless adjectives is not the answer, either. is a company that provides custom term paper writing.

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