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Food is any substance taken in by animals, including humans that provides nourishment and allows sustenance of life. From birth, every single organism has had their encounter with food – as such, it is safe to assume that anyone is familiar with it. Considered as one of the basic needs for existence, food is a very common substance that we interact with everyday. Despite the commonness and familiarity of food, continuous learning is still encouraged – making food research papers a necessity. The trick in choosing an interesting research paper topic for a research paper subject as broad as food is to identify which areas of interest you are mostly keen to. These areas are the sub-topics that fall under the category of food, which may include: food origin, different culinary discipline, food poisoning and food source.

Food Research Papers

Food Research Papers

Of course, these are just few of the dozens and dozens of sub-topics under the research paper topic food. It goes without saying that numerous possibilities of good research paper topics are available if you choose to be very imaginative. For those students who find themselves having a difficulty in conceptualizing a topic, provides you with a list which you may choose from. has enlisted below few topic suggestions for your research paper.

  • Micro-organisms that cause food poisoning
  • Protocols implemented by multi-national companies for the prevention of food spoilage
  • Mono sodium glutamate: facts and fallacies on this taste enhancer
  • Creating a well-balanced diet with the food pyramid
  • Implementing guidelines in government run academic institutions’ cafeteria
  • The evolution of Japanese cuisine
  • Spices: a valuable tool for trade of history
  • Standardization of services and products of multi-national fast food restaurants
  • From hunting to farming: how humans developed their eating habits with the dawn of civilization
  • Food preference: an in-depth look on the body mechanisms of herbivores, carnivores and omnivores
  • A chronological account on the changing needs of human from birth to the geriatric age
  • Analysis on the production of food for domesticated pets: birds, cats, dogs and fish
  • Development of the curriculum of culinary schools

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