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Global warming is a term coined to refer to Earth’s increase in average temperature. This temperature is measured on the Earth’s surface. From the start towards the end of 20th century, it is approximated that the surface temperature has increased by at least, 1 °F. Many experts believe that this increase is due to the large amount of concentrated greenhouse gases. The greenhouse gases are a result of burning of fossil fuel and deforestation. Global warming has become an international concern, invoking many institutions and organizations from different countries to partake in resolving this problem. The escalating universal interest is the core reason why a global warming research paper makes for an interesting research paper topic. There are, in fact, a number of possible venues by which you may want to explore this topic. provides you a list of general research paper topics for you to choose from.
Here are some suggestions of to help you write a good research paper.

Global Warming Research Papers

Global Warming Research Papers

  • IPCC projections in the rising global temperature
  • Controversy on Antarctica cooling
  • How to avoid the dangers of climate change
  • Actions of business entities in climate change
  • Climate change in progressive countries
  • Earth hour
  • Climate change’s effect on plants and animals
  • Freon’s contribution to global warming
  • Intergovernmental panel on climate change
  • Long term effects of global warming
  • Depletion of the ozone layer
  • Sources of renewable energy
  • The glacier retreat
  • Skeptic scientists on global warming
  • The rising sea level
  • Climate change conference, initiated by the United Nations

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