Great Expectations Essay Writing Help is the company that lets you understand the novel, Great Expectations, in a new perspective and provides professional help with writing Great Expectations essays. That Pip, the protagonist in was too much of a coward to share the experiences of the eventful night described in the first chapter with his sister, or even with her husband, Joe, is what sets the ball rolling in the novel. Nothing would have happened if Pip had not been portrayed as he is. Pip was again a coward when he let the convict accept the guilt of pilferage from Mrs Joe’s larder.

Great Expectations is an autobiographical novel in which Dickens has cast Pip in his own image. Dickens’ vision of the world is quite clear when one sees that almost all the protagonists in Dickens’ novels including Great Expectations are poor; the protagonist in almost all his novels is timid and feeble.

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While writing Great Expectations, Dickens might have had had in his mind the fate of his father, John Dickens. The latter had to spend some time in the debtors’ prison of Marshalsea. Mrs Dickens joined her husband in prison with four of her children, and young Charles was sent to work at a blacking factory, where he had to stick labels on pots of paste-blacking for six shillings a week. The prison in the novel, the Hulk, was probably from what remained in Dickens’ memory of his days in Marshalsea.

The story in Great Expectations weaves through the life of Pip and is, in a way, symbolic of the life of the ordinary man. Pip harbours great ambitions in life, most of which could not materialize, but some dreams did come true. Here, Dickens wants to point to the truth that the fate of the ordinary man, who has only some of his wishes granted in his lifetime.

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The characters in the novel are an excellent example of Dickens’ skills at charachterisation. They are a fine exhibit of Dickens’ taste for the theatre. They are borrowed from real life, so they are rounded, all of them possess positive as well as negative attributes. Some of the characters include

  • Pip
  • Joe
  • Mrs Joe
  • Miss Havisham
  • Estella
  • Mr Wopsle
  • Magwitch
  • Herbert
  • Jaggers
  • Biddy
  • Molly

The autobiographical tenor of the novel is clarified when one sees Pip rising to be a rich and well-off man by the end of the novel, despite beginning as a poor orphan. Dickens too spent his early childhood in poverty, but came to be a rich man known for his writings by the time he died.

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