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APA  Style – General Info

Help with APA Style Research Paper Headings
Help with APA Style research paper Headings

Writing the final draft of your APA style research paper entails a keen eye for details like APA headings. As one of the widely used forms of citing and formatting an academic paper, several guidelines on its format has been laid by the American Psychological Association in their manual. This includes APA research paper margins, APA research paper spacing, indentions, and material to name a few. The format recommended by the association allows uniformity on papers under the social science discipline. Furthermore, it also allows a writer to be highly organized in writing their final draft. With headings for APA  research paper, each section of your academic paper will be clearly identified. As with all the other minute parts of a research paper, APA has also outlined its recommendation on this specific element.

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Useful Tips on How to Use Headings in APA

In reality, headings are not a necessity at all times. However, using an APA format is highly encouraged or recommended by professors in the social science discipline. CustomEssayPapers.com provides you with the basic guide in creating headings for your paper.

  • Major headings must be centered
  • Every single word of the heading must be capitalized, except for the coordinating conjunctions, articles and short prepositions.
  • For papers accomplished by undergraduates, it is already sufficient to use one level of heading.

True enough, a keen eye for detail is necessary for someone who wants to comply with all the formatting requirements of an APA style research paper. Such attention to detail will allow you to please even the strictest professor. If you are in search of someone who can provide you with a well-written research paper, then you are in luck because you can certainly find it with us, here at CustomEssayPapers.com. The headings for APA  research paper are just a few of the numerous things that our writers keep in mind when composing any academic material.

Each APA research paper outline heading has its own set of guidelines that you must abide by. These guidelines place special emphasis on things like APA spacing, APA margins, and APA citing. Take a look at these rules when creating an outline for an APA style research paper:

Level 1: Centered, Boldface, Uppercase and Lowercase Headings

Level 2: Left-Aligned, Boldface, Uppercase and Lowercase Headings

Level 3: Indented, boldface, lowercase heading with a period used.

Level 4: Indented, boldface, italicized, lowercase heading with a period.

Level 5: Indented, italicized, lowercase heading with a period.

Note how each level differs from the other, and how something as small as boldface type being excluded can make a difference when using AP style formatting.

A working example might look like this if it were a Level 5 heading:

Indented, italicized, and lowercase heading with a period at the end.

When it comes to APA referencing guidelines in your APA format, term papers can also include Seriation. Seriation allows the writer to easily organize and present more ideas in a sequence. There are different types of seriation you can use depending on what kind of ideas, facts, or thoughts that you have to share. For example, you can use numbered seriation, which is helpful when you’re attempting to list something in a chronological order or if you were including something where a numbered list is logical, such as telling the steps of something.

However, if you are writing a list that doesn’t have any kind of hierarchical order or lacks chronology, then you should use bullets when creating your list. However, you can also separate points with bullet lists as well, although you should make sure you go into more detail later on and give the items some more attention.

You can also use seriation within sentences, and for this you would use lower-case letters.

What Else You Should Know About APA Style

Reference page

One of the biggest parts of your paper besides the outline and paper itself is the reference page.

According to the APA 6th Edition, this should appear at the very end of your paper, and it will provide any of the information the reader’s need if they wish to find and retrieve any of the sources you cited within the body of your paper.

Every single source you cite has to be put on your reference page, and must be cite in your text as well. There are many guidelines to follow when assembling an APA bibliography, but some of the most important ones are:

-Entries in reference list should be alphabetized by author. If you have a reference with more than one author, you should list the authors on your bibliography exactly as the names appear on the book or source you’re using.

-Italicize the title of longer works, like journals or books.

-All author names should be inverted, where the last name comes first, and you should provide the last name and initial for all works that have up to seven authors. For those who have over seven authors, you should list the first six authors first and then put ellipses around the sixth author’s name. After the ellipses, you should list the last author’s name of work.

-When you refer to books, chapters, articles, or websites, you should only capitalize the letter of the first word of the title and also the subtitle, the first word after colons or dashes in the title, and of course, However you should not capitalize the first letter of the second word that’s a hyphenated compound word.

-Do not italicize, underline, or put quotation marks around the titles of short works like articles or essays.

The title page APA method also has a set of guidelines to adhere to. On your title page, there should be the title of your paper, your name/author’s name, and the institutional affiliation. The page header should be placed flush left with the page number flush right at the top of the title page.

Title Page Format

APA Research Paper Cover Page

On your title page, the page header should look like this:


Pages that follow the title page should use a running head which would look like this:


Click to download

a free title page example

Footnotes and Endnotes

Unlike the MLA style, footnotes and endnotes are not commonly used to cite sources if you’re writing within the social sciences. They don’t recommend the use of footnotes and endnotes because it’s generally more expensive for publishers to reproduce the paper in the event that it was published. However, if you feel that explanatory notes do not suffice, then you can use endnotes and footnotes, but there is a correct way to do so according to APA style.

The two types of footnotes that the APA style uses are content and copywrite. When you use either of these, you should put a number following about any punctuation mark, and you should format the number in superscript.

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