History Term Papers

“If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday”. This quote from American writer Pearl S. Buck is a testament on how our History takes a pivotal role to the present day. Despite its semblance to the events of the past, history remains relevant because of its association with today’s events. History is a discipline that is dedicated toward the documentation and understanding of the past of a society.

Aside from focusing on the chronological events that have occurred before, history is also interested with understanding its relevance to today. That is, many academics attempt to identify today’s societal condition as a result of yesterday’s actions.

History Term Papers

History Term Papers

Every society in existence today has its own culture. The vast population is evidence of the rich culture that has enveloped the world. This rich culture provides students with varied ways of writing their history term paper. Depending on the field of your major or interest, a student may opt to take the course of discussing Asian, American, European or African history.

Of course, a student may go deeper by exploring a country’s history or even a small tribe’s history. Whatever, research paper topic you plan to explore, what you must keep in mind is how to cite your references. CustomEssayPapers.com says that since you are writing a term paper on history, then using the Chicago Manual Style is the most appropriate term paper format that you must use.

As with all styles of academic writing, referencing is dependent on the material that you have used. The specific guideline is printed in their manual, the latest of which is The Chicago Manual Style 15th edition. Naturally, it is always best to consult the book prior to writing. However, CustomEssayPapers.com provides you with the basic documenting styles for the bibliography section.

  • Format for a printed book:
  • Surname, First Name MI. Title Of The Book. Place of Publication: Publisher, year of publication.
  • Format for a book found on line
  • Surname, First Name. Title Of The Book. Place of Publication: Publisher, year of publication. URL address.
  • Newspaper article
  • Surname, First Name. “Title of the Article.” Title of the newspaper, Date of publication, section.
  • Website
  • Surname, First Name. Title of The Site. URL address
  • If the author is not mentioned, write the name of the sponsor instead.
  • Interview
  • Surname, First Name. Interview by (write the interviewer’s whole name). The name of the show, the network, Date of the interview.

These are just few of the documenting patterns utilized in the Chicago style term paper. If you are writing a history term paper and you are in need of assistance – contact us. We are the professionals of writing, we are CustomEssayPapers.com.

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