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When one thinks of mathematics, one immediately associates it with numbers. From kindergarten to college, mathematics has been considered to be one of the most difficult subjects that one takes. However, if you are the chosen few who love to involve yourself with this course – then you are probably facing the task of writing a mathematics research paper every now and then.

The beauty of understanding and appreciating math is your ability to share your comprehension with others. One way of doing so is to put this course into a perspective that allows others to use it for their daily lives. This is a perfect research paper topic as it does not only please the mathematician in you, but it allows your readers to appreciate this feared course. Of course, practical applications are not the only possible topic that you can choose. provides you with a list of the possible topics which you can choose from.

Mathematics Research Papers

Mathematics Research Papers

Your topic is generally reliant on the research paper subject that interests you. enlists below some suggested topics that you can use.

  • Practical application of integral calculus in business, social sciences and economics
  • Data analysis and decision making with inferential and descriptive statistics
  • Analysis on the connection of art and math: numeric relationships, patterns of geometry and structures in algebra
  • Philosophical and historical perspective on mathematics: how math is related to physics and chemistry
  • Paradigm shift: varied scientific thoughts on math, as seen and recorded in history
  • The history of Mathematics: people who contributed to the development of math, and their radical ideas
  • Research in Mathematics: a focus on the relationships of learning, practical application and mathematical philosophies
  • From abacus to mathematical software: an in-depth look on the technological development of math aids
  • Education of mathematics in the elementary and high school department: how effective is the currently imposed curriculum
  • Techniques and concepts in graph theory: analysis on the practical application on electrical engineering, computer science and management
  • Techniques and theories in combinatorics: analysis on the practical application on social science, biology, physics and computer science

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