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The United States of America has been colonized by the Europeans. Prior to their colonization, Native Americans were already settled in the continent. The migration of Europeans in USA caused changes within the society. The changes, as it usually do, stirred the existing lifestyles of the Native Americans. The value system and lifestyle of the Europeans were very much different to that of the Native Americans who mostly subsist in farmer or hunter societies.

Native American Studies Research Papers

Native American Studies Research Papers

Their inability to co-exist because of their differences naturally led to conflicts. Later in the 18th century, “civilizing” was imposed among all Native Americans. Ironic as it may seem, the original settlers of the country were the ones who were forces to move out. Perceived as uncivilized, many native Indians reacted violently, and this resulted to a revolt and war against the colonizers.

The Native Americans were very conservative and was dedicated, to this day, to maintain the culture that they are so proud of. When you write your Native American studies research paper, a good venue to explore is their ability to preserve their culture. Naturally, topics are not limited to this. shows the flexibility of this custom research paper subject with the topics listed.

An authentic Native American is often typecast as someone whose culture is deeply ingrained within them. Today, many Native Americans are still within our midst. Not only are they subjects of academic papers but they are also of interests to many film makers, journalists and the likes. This should be taken advantage of any research writer, as this provides for them an extensive list of credible and relevant resource materials. But before getting into research, suggests that topic conceptualization must come in first.

  • The Civilization Fund Act of 1819: how a law on “civilizing” the Native Americans paved the way for discrimination
  • Manifest Destiny or Indian Removal: different perspectives on the American expansion
  • The resistance to the term Native Americans: analysis on why majority prefers be called Indians or American Indians
  • An in-depth analysis on the wars that involved the Native Americans
  • The fusion of culture of Native Americans, Africans and Anglo-Americans
  • How the colonization of the Europeans escalated the level of Native American slavery
  • The cultured Native Americans: a review on their epics, poems, songs, dance, and festivities
  • Reservations and removals: when American Expansion turned to violence and suppression
  • A look into the political system employed by the Native Americans

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