Nursing and Healthcare Research Papers

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Nursing and Health Care Research Papers

Nursing and Health Care Research Papers

Nursing and healthcare have become very lucrative career options recently. In fact, many universities and colleges all over the world have started to offer a multitude of courses for individuals who are interested in this specific field of study.

Considered as a specialized assistant to doctors on the front line of healthcare, nurses play a critical role in managing a patient’s overall well-being and in addressing common health concerns. Not only are they expected to provide the hourly medications that a patient needs when in a hospital or assisted living facility but nurses are also expected to be compassionate and caring to the patients under their care.

Moreover, nurses act as a type of extended family for some patients – providing the care and attention that family members could not provide due to busy schedules or physical distance. Hence, those students who are planning to get involved in this type of work should not look for a mere job but should expect an actual career after their university days. One must have the passion to become a nurse and then the compassion to carry out all related tasks of one. As with all higher education courses though, completing a class requires a couple or more nursing and healthcare research papers.

Tips on Writing Nursing and Healthcare Research Papers

When it comes to creating your own nursing research paper, there are quite a few helpful and handy tips that will assist you in making the piece which will lead you to excelling in the course rather than simply passing it.

  • Run things past your instructor.

General requirements for each assignment can vary from class to class and teacher to teacher.  By submitting a research proposal, you will clear your idea and lay out by your instructor before you get started on something that might be a waste of time.

A research paper outline can be your best friend.  It helps to hone your ideas, see where you need to improve things, and show you were you will need to spend the most time.

  • Follow the rules.

The research involved with a nursing or healthcare paper can generally involve specifics that should not be forgotten.  Research methodology can be complicated but as long as you go along one step at a time.

  • Format is important.

Research paper components are vital to the successful completion of any academic paper.  These elements include the basic format of citing sources, page layout, and in text citations.  An MLA format research paper in particular needs to adhere to the MLA formula.

  • Do not lose steam toward the end.

The ending of your paper is very important and should not be brushed off.  Your research paper conclusion should be strong, effectively and efficiently sum up what you previously covered, and be a nice finish to thoroughly support your ideas.

  • Proof and proof again.

For formal academic papers proofreading is key.  Do not forget it!

Great Topics for Research Papers on Nursing and Healthcare provides you with a list of major classifications under the nursing and healthcare course. Under it are few research paper topic suggestions that fall under the category of nursing research topics.  Due to the overall breadth of nursing and healthcare, you can easily find that  you can create a general science research paper, biology research paper, or even a specific cancer research paper to show how inclusive the overall subject is.

• Mental health and psychiatric nursing attends to patients who have problems or issues with their mental health.

o TOPIC SUGGESTION: How to enhance interpersonal skills in dealing with patients with mental illness manifestations

• Learning disability nursing is focused on people who have developmental and learning disabilities.

o TOPIC SUGGESTION: Using electronic spellers and dictionaries in attending to patients with learning inadequacies

• Pediatric nursing is concerned with treating children.

o TOPIC SUGGESTION: The diverse role of a pediatric nurse: including caregiver, teacher, and family member

• Geriatric nursing focuses on nursing the elderly.

o TOPIC SUGGESTION: How effective is geriatric nursing in adding to a patient’s life expectancy

• Live in nurse are employed by people who want to be treated in their own houses. In the United States, home health nursing is the common term while health visiting nurse is more commonly used in UK.

o TOPIC SUGGESTION: Comparative analysis of live-in nurses and nursing homes

• Cardiac nursing specializes in patients who have heart-related health issues.

o TOPIC SUGGESTION: The various requirements for gaining cardiac nurse certification

• Peri-operative nursing is focused on patients who are preparing for surgery or recovering from it.

o TOPIC SUGGESTION: The management and practices promoted by Association of Peri-Operative Registered Nurses or AORN

• Oncology nursing deals with patients who are diagnosed with cancer.

o TOPIC SUGGESTION: The varied level of six certification options for ONCC or Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation

• A general medicine nurse deals will all common sicknesses and ailments which cannot be classified in a specific medical area.

o TOPIC SUGGESTION: The most common causes for stomach pains in adults

• Obstetrics nursing focuses on the area of pregnant women and fetal care.

o TOPIC SUGGESTION: The risk compared to the rewards of administering a vaginal birth after cesarian (VBAC) on a patient

• Pulmonary nurses work with non-surgical lung issues.

o TOPIC SUGGESTION: Is resporatory care better administered in a hospital or in-home setting?

• The area of hemodialysis nursing involves patient care during dialysis sessions.

o TOPIC SUGGESTION: The most recent technological advances in dialysis for the past several years that are vital to helping patients

• Orthopedia nurses work with bones and joints, primarily assisting orthopedic doctors with standard hip and knee problems.

o TOPIC SUGGESTION: The certification requirements and exams necessary for the Orthopaedic Nursing Certification Board (ONCB)

• Lactaction nurses work as consultants with new mothers to help both her and the baby understand the breastfeeding process.

o TOPIC SUGGESTION: Is nipple confusion fact or myth?

• Surgical nurses focus on operations that normally involve some type of trauma as long as it is not related to a head injury.

o TOPIC SUGGESTION: Personalized pre-surgical procedures and how they can benefit the surgeon who you are assisting

• Emergency room nursing concerns a great deal of issues everyday in a fast paced setting.

o TOPIC SUGGESTION: How to assess and triage patients coming into the emergency room for immediate attention

• Being on the front line of healthcare, medical ethics in related to nursing is very important.

o TOPIC SUGGESTION: The idea of ethics for nurses in an online and computer orientated world

• Transportation of patients is a vital aspect of major healthcare, meaning that flight nurses who accompany the patients on helicopters play a big role.

o TOPIC SUGGESTION: The responsibility placed on flight nurses as they act as the primary medical caregiver in transit since doctors normally are not on board

• Clinical research nurses focus their work in gathering and analyzing data from clinical trials.

o TOPIC SUGGESTION: The importance of informed consent when conducting clinical trials

• The intensive care unit (ICU) has a team of dedicated nurses to tend to patients who are severely injured but not currently in surgery.

o TOPIC SUGGESTION: The positives versus negatives of allowing extended family and friends visitation hours in the ICU

What Makes a Good Nursing and Healthcare Research Paper

The first and foremost criterion for writing great medical research papers is the fact that you must be well versed in the subject as a whole and the grasp of your chosen topic needs to be firm. The nursing research study that you write must accurately show that you have really done your homework and presents a great deal of the information you learned throughout your research process. You also need to keep specifics of information and findings in mind since these types of papers are rather technical in nature.  Making sure that the paper is in agreement with any technical definitions and specialized terminology as well as keeping to research paper format are pretty basic rules that will help you get the grade you desire in the course. Just be sure to not forget that healthcare research papers must still follow the specific instructions laid out by your instructor, and his or her rules ultimately come first.

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