Objectives for Research Methodology

Basically, there are 2 general objectives for research methodology. The first one is concerned with how the data is gathered, or how the researcher came up with his information. The second objective of which is focused on the method of data analysis employed by the researcher. Informing your readers on how you obtained your results is a critical part of any research paper because this can provide your readers an assessment on how reliable or credible your information is. In this line, you must also state the logic on why you have decided to choose a particular method of data gathering.

Research Paper Methodology Objectives

Research Paper Methodology Objectives

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  • Use a data gathering method that is accepted, or better yet common, in the field of study.
  • If using a multiple choice questionnaire, allow your respondents to have a wide range of options to choose from.
  • The research methods that you will use must be appropriate to your objectives.
  • Be sure to include the problems that you expect, if any, and how you plan to prevent them or minimize its effect on the results.
  • Avoid explanation of basic processes. This is especially true in scientific or technical research papers, as it is assumed that your targeted readers are experts of your field of study.
  • Do not cover up the problems that you have encountered when collecting your data. Including such information makes up for a more reliable, valid and interesting research paper.
  • Use the passive voice when presenting your data.

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