Get to Know the Parts of a Research Paper

When writing a research paper, it is important to note what the parts of research paper are. This will serve as a guide for a student in completing this assigned task. provides you with a list of the parts of a research paper, together with a brief description.

The Parts of a Research Paper

The Parts of a Research Paper

Writing a research paper can be easier if you are familiar with its parts. Get acquainted with the research paper’s fundamental parts, as compiled by the professionals of

  • Research paper title page – this includes the information on the academic institution and course, the writer’s name and the title of the paper. Make sure that your title clearly illustrated the study you have conducted.
  • Abstract – the summary of the paper, which gives an overview of the paper. Limit your abstract to 200 words. This must include the hypothesis, research question, objective and methodology.
  • Research paper introduction – this must enable the reader to completely appreciate your objectives. As such, a writer must state the thesis, in detail and describe the significance of the study.
  • Methodology – the student must be able to specify the methods he wants to use in conducting the study. Here, the student must document every single material he would use for research.
  • Body – this should make up majority of your research paper’s content. Here, the findings of research conducted must be incorporated with the details lifted from your choice of reference materials. The writer must analyze these details, as well.
  • Research paper conclusion – aside from re-stating the thesis, a writer can also include recommendations for further studies and unanswered questions in this part of the paper.
  • Works cited – this must include the list of reference materials. As such, the writer must know how to cite a research paper.

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