Philosophy Research Paper Writing Tips

Philosophy attempts to study the basic problems concerned with the concepts and ideas concerned with wisdom, existence, reasoning, values, communication and thinking. Questions such as “What is my purpose in life?” and “What is the essence of life?” are the common questions concerning philosophy. This field of study is separated from other fields of studies such as mysticism or arts because it is known to take a systemic approach in addressing such questions. Moreover, philosophers rely on rational argument in addressing human concerns.

Philosophy Research Papers

Philosophy Research Papers

If you are majoring in philosophy and required to write a philosophy research paper, then you must first choose an interesting research paper topic. Philosophy provides a vast research paper subject from which you can definitely draw a number of good research paper topics. The areas of philosophy can be subdivided into its branches, eras, and traditions. provides you with an overview of these divisions to help you organize and perhaps, assist you in conceptualizing research paper topics. has laid down the segregations in philosophy.

  • Branches
  1. Aesthetics focuses on the concept of art, beauty and enjoyment.
  2. Epistemology attempts to explain the interdependence of belief, justification and truth.
  3. Ethics, also called moral philosophy, concerns the morals and values of a person’s actions
  4. Logic studies valid reasoning.
  5. Metaphysics focuses on the world and characteristics of being
  6. Social philosophy studies social behavior, in relation to philosophy.
  7. Political philosophy looks into the government and a person’s relationship to the society and the state. Justice, law, obligations and rights are the concerns of this type of philosophy.
  • Eras
  1. Ancient philosophy was mainly concerned with understanding the universe, and knowledge which are not understood by senses.
  2. Medieval philosophy discusses theology and the relationship of faith and reason.
  3. Modern philosophy focused on the relationship of reality and experience.
  4. Contemporary philosophy attempted to discuss the interdependence of natural science theories and common sense.
  • Traditions
  1. Analytic philosophy was the philosophy in countries with English as their main language.
  2. Continental philosophy is the philosophy in Europe during the 19th century to the 20th century
  3. Eastern philosophy is on the philosophies within the Asian continent.
  4. Islamic philosophy is lifted from the studies on Islam.
  5. Marxist philosophy is directed towards belief in communism.
  6. Platonic philosophy provides us with the qualifications of an ideal state. provides you with everything you need when it comes to academic paper writing. Our services is not limited to providing you with custom research papers, as we are also capable of producing dissertations, thesis, course work and custom essays. We produce plagiarism free materials as all papers are screened by a software prior to release.

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