Psychoanalysis Research Paper Writing Tips

Jewish-Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud developed psychoanalysis. This method of analysis has a goal of determining the behavior and psychological functions of a human. Inevitably, psychoanalysis can also be applicable in a societal setting. Psychoanalysis has three major uses. One, it is used as a method of determining how a person thinks. Second, it formulates a set of theories that is related to behavior.

Psychoanalysis Research Papers

Psychoanalysis Research Papers

Finally, it aids in the treatment of emotional and psychological illness. As Freudian psychology suggests, a patient who is experiencing a psychological illness relates his thoughts, dreams and fantasies to the psychoanalyst. In turn, the analyst interprets this and states unconscious conflicts that results to patient’s character problems. The analyst also provides suggestions and interventions on how to resolve such problems. Writing a psychoanalysis research paper is one of the most fascinating academic papers that you will come across. The varied interesting research paper topics available are a testament in itself. refreshes you with the basics of psychoanalysis.

Many psychoanalysts create theories that answer questions related to human behavior. Some of the theories that are commonly used are enlisted by below for your reference.

  • Topographic theory
  1. This theory states that our mental processes are divided into unconscious, pre-conscious and conscious.
  • Structural theory
  1. This theory categorizes the consciousness into super ego, ego and id.
  • Ego psychology
  1. This is a method of psychoanalysis where the analysts suggest that a person can communicate with the external world and respond to inner forces, as well.
  • Conflict Theory
  1. This is a revised version of the structural theory. It looks how emotive indicators and individual qualities provide solution to personal intellectual conflict.
  • Object relations theory
  1. This theory tries to illustrate mind development of an individual in a social setting
  • Self psychology
  1. This is a method of psychoanalysis that stresses the progress of self-perception through absolute and constant connection with others
  • Jacques Lacan/Lacanian psychoanalysis
  1. This method of analysis uses semiotics.
  • Interpersonal psychoanalysis
  1. This attempts to explain how the degree of interpersonal relationships affects a person in protecting himself from apprehensions.
  • Culturalist psychoanalysis
  1. This method of psychoanalysis is based on the individual’s culture.
  • Relational psychoanalysis
  1. This is similar with interpersonal psychoanalysis that employs object relations theory.
  • Interpersonal-Relational psychoanalysis
  1. This type of psychoanalysis has not reached a consensus on what are the distinctions between interpersonal psychoanalysis and relational psychoanalysis.
  • Intersubjective psychoanalysis
  1. This stresses that development of personality and therapeutic processes are relative to patient and societal perception.

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