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Social science defines qualitative research as an approach in research that allows someone to study phenomena that are social and cultural, in nature. This type of research aims to fully comprehend an experience of a person or a society. As qualitative research uses an inductive approach, the results or data documented in a qualitative research paper is not in the form of numbers. Unlike others, this approach in research does not require intervention or a control group. This type of research method is described as naturalistic by social scientist. This simple means that a researcher manner of questioning must be flexible and dynamic, as it should be dependent on a participant’s response and reaction.
Many experts say that validity and reliability is difficult to establish in this type of study. As such, CustomEssayPapers.com recommends that you must carefully go through your research paper topic and resource materials so as to determine whether qualitative, quantitative or both methods is the most applicable approach for your study.

Qualitative Research Paper

Qualitative Research Paper

If you choose to conduct a qualitative approach for your research paper topic, CustomEssayPapers.com enumerates the following data gathering methods that are commonly used.

  • Action research
  • Case study
  • Grounded theory focuses on developing theory by observing the similarities and differences in the behavior of society on a certain situation
  • Historical methods
  • Ethnography is the study of social culture in its natural setting

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