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What Sort of Essay Is a Reflective Essay?

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Reflective Essay Writing Help

Any experience that one goes through leaves an impact or an impression on them. The imprint left by an incident varies – it is mostly dependent on the event’s magnitude and/or the person who is affected by it. Regardless of these factors, a good way of exploring these personal experiences is by writing a reflective essay. This essay generally illustrates the thoughts and perceptions of a writer on certain events. It also outlines the effects of such an experience to the person. A reflective essay is often used for college application, as colleges aim to know more about the college applicant.

Unlike most types of essays, a reflective essay is individualized and the major material used for this is the personal views of the writer. However, as with any essay, a good paper on reflection requires a good plan. helps you construct your essay with the following tips.

Some Useful Tips on Writing a Reflective Essay

This type of essay should also be presented in the standard manner. Remember to use the essay structure of introduction, body and conclusion. has some useful hints for making your essay more comprehensive:

This type of essay is an assessment of yourself, using a certain experience in your life as a gauge to do so. Hence, before starting to write the paper it is recommended that you list the effects the paper’s topic had on you. You may explore yourself by considering all facets of your personality. Identify the effects of your experience on your emotional, psychological, physical, and intellectual aspects.

  • Do not censor yourself. This essay type is principally about you. Censoring yourself will only make your paper deceitful and insincere.
  • A reflective essay is about your attitude and observations. However, be sure to include valid references to substantiate your reflections. You may use famous persons that had a similar experience or you may use scientific theories to validate it as well.
  • The introduction part of the paper should relate the experience, which is the take off point of the paper. Relay the important parts that you consider remarkable.
  • The body should reveal your ideas about the experience. This is the part where you discuss your reflection and cite references to make them more credible. Make sure that you will only discuss one idea per paragraph to avoid confusion. If possible, relay these points by stating their possible implications to your reader. This will increase the interest to further read your essay.
  • The conclusion should re-state the impact of your personal experience. It is best to identify its social implications, if any.
  • Your Reflective Essay Structure

    Before writing a reflective essay, you should create an essay outline and you should also become familiar with the proper essay format that should be used when writing reflective papers. Even though a reflective essay is mostly personal, it should still follow certain structure. A typical reflective essay should use the following structure:

    Title Page

    You should develop a title for your reflective paper and place it on a title page with your name, date, and any other information requested by the person who asked that you write the paper.


    The first paragraph of your essay should be an introductory paragraph that establishes what your main theme is going to be, explaining why you’re writing about it and including a short description.

    Paragraphs That Talk About The Experience

    There aren’t a set number of paragraphs you should include in this kind of paper, as different essay topics will be different lengths and include different information. Your paragraphs should talk about the experience or event that impacted you and also include facts, statistics, information, or ideas from valid sources that you will later cite.


    After you have completed the bulk of your paper, you should write at least one paragraph for your essay paper conclusion that helps tie together all the information you have written about in the rest of the paper.

    Reference Page

    This page should cite any references you’ve used for the paper. For example, if you were writing a research paper on child abuse, and used statistics from a organization, you would need to cite the organization as a reference and follow a standard research paper bibliography format.

    20 Great Reflective Essay Topics

    The following are some great ideas to use as a topic.

    1.) Most vivid childhood memory: Write about how a particular memory from childhood impacted you and how it relates to other people’s memories or experiences.

    2.)Who You Most Admire and Why: Write about you your biggest role model is and why you admire them, including facts that back up why you feel the way you do about the person.

    3.) High School and College Graduation: Write about what it felt like to graduate from high school or college and include factual information about graduations in general, such as information about traditions carried out in graduations.

    4.) Your Most Memorable Job: Write about your most memorable job and how it impacted you, and perhaps talk about some famous people who had a similar job.

    5.) The Most Important Person In Your Life: Write about who the most important person in your life is and why, and perhaps include characteristics or similarities to a famous person or event to validate your admiration.

    6.) Your Best Friend: Write about your best friend is, your experiences together, and why they’re your best friend, including experiences you’ve had that are similar to other people in culture.

    7.) Your Future Goals: Write about what some of your future goals are and what you’re doing or have done to achieve them.

    8.) Favorite Vacation: Write about the best vacation you’ve ever had and include factual information about the vacation spot.

    9.) The Best Gift You’ve Ever Received: Write about the best or most memorable gift you’ve ever received and some factual information about the gift or the occasion you received the gift for.

    10.) What You’re Most Proud Of: Write about what you’ve accomplished that you’re most proud of and perhaps compare it to famous people that have had similar accomplishments.

    11.) Your Ancestry or Lineage: Write about your ancestry, lineage, and how you believe it affects you as a person, including information about your ancestry’s culture, country, and traditions.

    12.) Your Spouse, Fiance, or Partner: Write about how you met your significant other, memories you’ve made, your wedding, or about the person in general, while also including statistics on marriage, relationships, love, or how your culture or other cultures view love, marriage, and relationships.

    13.) A Historical Event That Impacted You: Write about something that happened in history that has had a great impact on you.

    14.) Dreams You’ve Had: Write about some dreams you’ve had while asleep and what you believe they mean or how they’ve impacted you, and perhaps include what some psychologists, scientists, or others believe certain symbols mean in dreams.

    15.) An Event That Changed Your Life Forever: Write about something that’s happened to you that forever changed your life, including factual information about the event, such as when it occurred, why it occurred, who it involved, etc.

    16.) Your Favorite Memory From High School: Write about your favorite memory from high school and how it relates to other people in that age group or other people’s high school experiences in your culture or different cultures.

    19.) Your Favorite Book: Write about your favorite book and how it’s impacted you.

    20.) Your First Job: Write about the first job you ever had, why it was important to the company you worked for, and what your part was within the organization, as well as how it has impacted your future decisions or goals.

    What a Good Reflective Essay Should NOT Be Like

    The most common mistake people make when writing a reflective essay is having a lack of organization and not writing honestly about their experiences. A reflective essay should be personal and should be very descriptive in tone and style and should be like a descriptive research paper. If you write the paper with great description and relay what your emotions, thoughts, and opinions are regarding the topic, then you will be writing honestly. Instead of sounding like a recitation of facts or events, you should be detailed and thorough. A reflective essay should be personal and should be reflective of yourself.

    Additionally, you should create a solid outline to use before writing your paper so that you have a guide to follow. Using an outline will help ensure that you don’t stray from your topic and that you have an organized, formatted structure reflected in your essay. If you don’t have an outline to use, your paper could end up sounding as though it’s disorganized and it won’t flow or read well for the reader. Ideas should easily move from one to the next and you should be able to tie all the ideas together in your conclusion.

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