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Religion is always equated to faith and the belief of a higher power or entity. Religious studies state that there are a number of aspects that are incorporated in religion. This includes symbolism, beliefs and practices that are incorporated in someone’s life to give meaning to his life. Regardless of the religion or the cultural background, a believer often practices prayers, ritual and meditation. At times, a considerable amount of focus is also geared towards the supernatural, metaphysical and moral claims.

Religion Research Paper Writing

Many religions come up with religious laws and ethics that must be followed by a practitioner in his daily lifestyle. Today, religion is also linked to society and politics, dictating its influence on the development of cultural traditions, writings and history. A religion research paper can discuss research paper topics that dwell on specific religion movements. To serve as your reference or guide in choosing which particular religious movement interest you, enlisted below a few. provides you a list of each religion with a basic description.

  • Abraham religions
  1. Judaism believes prophets of the Torah and relies on the rabbis
  2. Christianity centers on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.
  3. The prophet Muhammad taught the religion Islam
  4. Baha’i Faith instructs concord of religious philosophy where seers of Christianity, Islam and Judaism are accepted and acknowledged.
  5. Mandaeism, Samaritanism, Druze and Rastafari movement are four other Abrahamic groups
  • Indian religions
  1. Hinduism is the dominant belief in India that practices varied distinct beliefs compiled in Sanatana Dharma.
  2. Buddhism is a belief that one is capable to escape the cyclical process of anguish and reincarnation by achieving Nirvana.
  3. Sikhism – a religion based on the Guru Nanak’s knowledge
  4. Jainism is an early Indian creed that teaches against violence.
  • Folk religion refers to practices that are applied to disorganized local practices
  1. Paganism refers to beliefs on more than one higher power.
  2. Shamanism believes that their practitioners are messengers between the spirit world and the human world
  3. Animism believes that the existence of soul is not limited to humans but it also extends to animals, plants, rocks and other inanimate natural creation.

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