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The Vital Parts of Your Research Paper

Every component of a research paper plays a critical role in your academic paper.  The introduction of your research paper is vitally important.  This is where you capture the interest of the reader and make them want to read further.  The research paper conclusion should make it clear in the mind of the reader what the key points covered were, leaving the reader with a lasting impression of what it is that has been discussed.

But another essential part of your paper is the research paper methodology. This part outlines exactly what it is that your paper is about, as well as the methods and experiments you are going to use to get to this goal.  The research paper methodology is a very specific part of the paper, and you should take care to think of it as a section in its own right.

Here, highlights the significance of this basic component for writing any good research paper.

Research Paper Methodology Components

Aside from providing the basic methods by which the research or study for your paper is conducted, a research methodology usually follows a certain format. lists these key parts below:

Help with Your Research Paper Methodology

Help with Your Research Paper Methodology

  • Determine the type of research paper study to be conducted
  • Decide on the place where the study will be conducted
  • Define your study population
  • Ensure you understand the study period or the time frame of the study
  • Determine the sample size that you will use
  • Collection of data
  • Management and analysis of your data
  • Presentation of the results
  • Dissemination or distribution on the information of the results

These key stages are the basis of the research methodology section for all research paper types.

How to Write an Effective Research Methodology

There are various types of research methodology depending on the subject of your thesis.  However, no matter what you topic is, the following apply to writing a good science research paper methodology.

  • Choose your experiment or experiments with care.  You should be able to clearly define what it is exactly you are aiming to prove (or disprove) by carrying them out.  If you don’t understand this yourself, you won’t be able to impart this information across to your reader.
  • Don’t be too concerned if your experiments didn’t provide the results you hoped for.  Even if they didn’t prove anything new or insightful, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot still write a strong methodology section of your paper.  Remember, the whole reason for writing this is to prove that you can select, describe and follow through with your research.  So even if your results don’t prove anything amazing, the methods used are still valid for your paper.
  • Make sure you use valid terminology for your subject.  Any good research paper is written for those who have an interest in the subject, so don’t be afraid to use words that are commonplace for those with knowledge of the topic.
  • Don’t be ambiguous.  If your experiments show that something has occurred then make sure you write it clearly and precisely – leaving no doubt in the mind of your reader as to the outcome.
  • Proofread your methodology section before submitting it as carefully as you do any other part of the paper.  Grammatical or spelling errors are the fastest way to get marked down on any paper – so don’t risk throwing away marks for reasons that can easily be avoided.

What a Research Methodology Should not Be Like.

It doesn’t matter what subject you’re writing about, your research paper methodology should be a separate and precise part of the paper.  Ensure that this section only contains the necessary information detailed above.  This is not the place to begin writing any theories you may have begun to develop during your analysis.  You should also ensure that there is no ‘fluff’ or ‘filler’ in your methodology section.

Try to make sure that every word counts – and is advancing your readers knowledge into understanding the exact results your experiments have shown.  In a nutshell – all types of research methodology should be concise, accurate and written in as few words as is possible.  This is because you will have a lot to state in this section, so it will be hard enough to get all the information into the required length as it is, let alone if you begin to add text that is superfluous to the aims.

Structure of the Section of Methodology in a Research Paper

1.         This section of your paper should be very precise.  You should take care that the methodology section only contains the necessary information.  Anything else should be detailed outside of this section.

2.         Begin this section with a short introduction.  Here you will state the aim of your experiment, and what you hope to achieve by this.  Don’t forget to add in any particular challenges you might come across, and how you intend to overcome them.  However, keep this introductory section short – ideally at around one paragraph in length.

3.         The next section should be a brief summary of the methodology as a whole.  If you think of this section as stating all the major points, then if a reader only reads this part of your methodology they would still be able to understand it.  Although it should be a longer section than your introduction, it will still be less than the following, more detailed, description.

4.         Your extended methodology section should have its own heading.  Here you will give in-depth details about your data collection methods.  You can use sub-headings as well such as ‘participants,’ ‘duration of research’ and ‘materials used’ in order to give this part of the methodology structure and order.

5.         While the previous part was about data collection, the second part of this extended section should be about your data analysis.  Once again you should provide excellent detail, and you may want to order this section with various subheadings or bullet points.

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