How to Write a Research Paper Introduction

Good Introductions for Your Research Papers!

The first substantial thing that a reader goes through in any academic paper is the opening. This part of the paper can either cause the increase or decline of a reader’s interest in reading your paper. Capturing the interest and attention of your reader is important so as to draw them to the more important points of your paper, which are the body and consequently the research paper conclusion.

As such, careful attention must be placed in composing a research paper introduction. To help you with your introduction, has enlisted some key points that you must remember in writing the introduction. shares with you some ways by which you can write your introduction:

  • Use appropriate quotations of famous and relevant people
  • Use statistics, if possible, to stress certain points that you would want to impart
  • You can also use an anecdote or a short story to introduce your research paper

How to Write a Research Paper Introduction

How to Write a Research Paper Introduction

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