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Child Abuse Issue

Child abuse is both intentional and unintentional mistreatment of a child. There are four common “categories” of child abuse that include physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional or psychological abuse, and neglect. Child abuse is not only perpetrated by parents, but also other caregivers, family members, daycare providers, and even educators can abuse a child. Not only is this wrong and against the law, but abuse has profoundly negative effects on the child that are lifelong. While not something as often talked about as in times past, child abuse is still very much of an issue.

Research Paper on Child Abuse

Research Paper on Child Abuse

Children who are abused – whether physically, emotionally, sexually, or as a result of lack of care – are more at risk for deviant behaviors, as well as becoming victimizers themselves later in life. Children depend on their parents and adult figures to provide care for them, and when that is disregarded, the child is at risk. Abused children – whether they are taken from the home, or grow up with a life of abuse – wear the scars of this abuse forever. Prevention and effective help when abuse is found is vital for the child’s wellbeing. This is a value-oriented problem that society has a responsibility to address, as there are future ramifications for the life of the abused child, which in turn, effect society as well.

Types of Child Abuse

It is generally accepted that there are four distinct categories of child abuse. While we separate these for the purposes of explanation, many children suffer from a number of these at once – meaning that they may be both abused sexually as well as emotionally or any other combination.

  • Physical Abuse: This is what most of us think of when we hear the term child abuse. This is physically mistreating a child. Excessive physical violence towards a child would be a prime example of physical child abuse.
  • Sexual Abuse: This is any type of infringement on a child’s sexuality. Sexual abuse is not just limited to rape. Any sort of inappropriate touching, innuendos, and other types of lewd and inappropriate behavior towards children is considered sexual abuse.
  • Emotional or Psychological Abuse: This type of abuse is the most subtle and often the most difficult to prove, but does not make this any less odious of a form of abuse. Emotional abuse can involve things like tearing a child down, disregarding their feelings and needs, manipulating a child for one’s own gain, and so on.
  • Neglect: This is another commonly known form of abuse where the abuse is perpetrated by a lack of care. Neglect entails not providing for the basic needs and basic safety of a child.

Guidelines for Writing a Good Child Abuse Research Paper

When it comes to writing an excellent, cogent child abuse research paper, the first and most important guideline is to choose an excellent research paper topic. This is going to be the backbone of your paper, and thus choosing a good topic is vital to writing a decent paper. It is also necessary to create a solid research paper outline, as this will be your step-by-step guide as to how to create a coherent and well rounded child abuse research paper.

It is vital that you stay on point and understand the audience that you are writing to. As a general rule of thumb, as an undergraduate, you write to a completely uninformed audience. This means that your are to assume that your audience knows nothing about the topic at hand, and you need to define everything for them. When writing at the graduate level, you can generally assume you are writing to an informed audience. The proper research paper format is also a very important aspect of your paper that you will need to ensure is done correctly; a strong and solid research paper conclusion is also a great way to close out the essay.

For more details and sample work, please see our research paper prompts.

Strong Child Abuse Research Paper Topics

Child abuse is a broad and multi-pronged issue, which provides a lot of different options for how to approach writing your term paper on child abuse. You have a huge array of options for topics available to you depending on how you want to approach the issue. From the ramifications of child abuse, to prevention and prevalence, there are tons of different, specific areas that you can choose to dive into in detail. What follows are just a number of possible research paper topics that are great ideas to get you started.

  • The dangers posed by shaken baby syndrome and foetal alcohol syndrome.
  • How to determine child discipline from physical child abuse.
  • The tendency of child abuse victims to lead to re-victimization during adulthood.
  • Possible causes and effects of child abuse.
  • The increased occurrence of child abuse during economic recession.
  • Treatment of victims of child abuse.
  • The effect of child abuse on children’s social and emotional development.
  • Effects of child abuse on negative and maladaptive behaviors during childhood.
  • The effect of child abuse on educational performance.
  • The effect of child abuse on a child’s mental health.
  • The link between child abuse and early sexual activity.
  • The link between child abuse and criminal behaviors.
  • The economic impact of child abuse prevention and treatment.
  • The impact of parental incarceration or being removed from the home due to child abuse on the child’s development.
  • The effects of pre- and post-natal child neglect.
  • The detriment of emotional or psychological child abuse.
  • Assessing for emotional or psychological child abuse.
  • Ways in which child abuse, as well as re-victimization can be prevented.
  • The efficacy of child abuse treatment (i.e. discussion of recidivism rates).
  • State intervention and the effect of the foster system on a child’s mental health.

Your Child Abuse Research Paper Outline

A research paper outline is the backbone of your essay. You can kind of think of your outline as a road map to writing your essay. It is how you organize your thoughts, how you want to present your arguments, what information is presented and when, and makes the actual writing process far easier than just sitting down to write without any sort of preparation. When you fail to make an outline, you often end up with a fragmented essay that doesn’t have flow and often fails to fully explain the point or argument. It is also much harder, without the preparation of an outline, to ensure that you get all your arguments into the paper in a coherent manner.

How to Prepare an Outline for Your Child Abuse Research Paper

Once you have chosen a topic, you then begin to gather research and other sources that help to reinforce your argument. Once you have your research materials, you need to figure out how you would like to organize and present your arguments in a manner that will yield the strongest college research paper possible. It is best to organize your thoughts and research into a chronological list, where simple ideas build onto more complex ones. Therefore, your outline will start with your basic argument, and build on that argument by adding more detail, complexity, and information as the paper proceeds. You lay out the order in which you want to give your arguments or present your facts, and ensure that outline ends with a summary and reiteration of the main “point” of your child abuse research paper. This then makes it a lot easier to go point-by-point when writing your essay and helps to ensure that you leave nothing out.

Child Abuse Research Paper Outline Example

What follows is an outline example using the topic “what is child abuse”.

I. Introduction

II. Child abuse defined

a. four categories of child abuse

b. ramifications of each form of child abuse

III. Detection and Prevention

a. how is child abuse assessed?

b. legal options for detection and prevention

c. legal responsibility for child abuse reporting

IV. Treatment of the Abused Child

a. treatment options for different types of abuse

b. efficacy of treatment options

V. Conclusion

Several Tips to Avoid Writing a Bad Child Abuse Research Paper

One of the worst mistakes that students often make when it comes to writing a college research paper starts before they even begin writing. It is a poor choice in topic. It is ill-advised to take on a broad topic for term papers on child abuse. It is best to focus in on a specific aspect or topic and stay away from generalizations. Especially when dealing with a controversial topic like child abuse, providing absolute-sounding solutions to such large-scale problems is best to be avoided. This isn’t to say that suggestions can’t be made as to how to improve prevention and treatment techniques, but it is best to avoid absolutes in any way when talking about such a strongly debated topic. Words like “all”, “every”, and so on, are best avoided.

It is not expected that you are going to solve the problem of child abuse in your essay, so keep this in mind when planning your direction. Avoid getting into dense legal arguments, as laws vary from state-to-state, and these are topics that are complex and take a great degree of skill and a specialized understanding to really make cogent legal arguments with regard to child abuse.

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