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According to the recent surveys, nearly 700 million adults would most likely migrate to another country, should there be a chance. The top destination in mind is the United States of America. Today, the latest data from IOM or the International Organization for Migration, says that there are more than 300 million migrants in the world. The top destination for these immigrants is Europe with 70.6 million. North America comes in second with 45.1 million while Asia is at roughly 25.3 million.

There are varied theories surrounding the explanation on the desire of human for immigration. It is mandatory for anyone who desires to write a research paper on immigration to understand these theories on why humans have the tendency or desire to move in a foreign country. your dependable source of any information on research paper writing provides you a brief explanation of theories, in our attempt to understand the concept of immigration.

Research Papers on Immigration

Research Papers on Immigration

Push and pull theory is the most plausible explanation for migration. This theory states that the push and pull factors are the motivating points for an individual to seek residency in another country. provides you with further explanation on these two contributing factors.


Push factors refer to the motive of an individual for leaving his country

  • Desire to escape poverty
  • Higher wages offered in another country
  • Requirement to work overseas (missionaries, multinational company employees, members on non-government organizations, diplomats)
  • Political migration (example, escape dictatorship)
  • Personal migration (become closer to relatives)
  • Desire to evade criminal justice or arrest

Pull factors are the reason why someone is motivated to move to the desired country of destination.

  • Availability of job opportunities
  • Education
  • Retirement migration (when retirees from a rich country settles in another country with lower living expense)
  • Transferred patriotism


  • It states the obvious
  • It is unable to explain the migrant flow emergence.
  • The lack of explanation for the continuing flow of immigrants, if migration patterns have been established.

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