Writing a Research Paper on Leadership

Leadership is a status of influence where one person has the ability to seek the aid and support of others in accomplishing a task. In an organization, leadership remains to be a critical component as leaders serve as the organization’s “driver”. Understanding the concept of leadership is important when writing a research paper on leadership. However, despite the widely accepted importance of this aspect in any organizational set-up, many definitions and theories have been conceptualized. For your assistance, CustomEssayPapers.com provides you a list of the common theories related to the concept of leadership.

Research Papers on Leadership

Research Papers on Leadership

Theories on leadership has been conceptualized over time in an attempt to further understand the significance and elements of good leadership. CustomEssayPapers.com gives you a brief overview of these concepts:

  • Trait theory attempts to define the characteristics that are linked to effective leadership. Over time, we have constantly searched for the traits of a good leader. Political scientists such as Plato, Aristotle and Machiavelli illustrated in their books concepts of good leaders, in correlation to good government.
  • Behavioral and style theories attempts to study the behaviors of successful leaders. Through time and constant studies on this social concept, democracy remains to be one of the most favored and relevant style of leadership. Moreover, further studies recommend the use of positive reinforcement.
  • Situational and contingency theories assume that varied situations call for different traits or characteristics. This theory states that no single perfect profile of a leader exists.
  • Functional theory states that a leader becomes effective when he is able to attend to his main responsibility, which is to see that all of the needs of the organization and group is met.
  • Transactional theory says that a leader is given the power to perform specific tasks and reward or punish the members based on their performance.
  • Transformational theory states that a leader needs to motivate the team and its members to be effective and efficient.
  • Neo-emergent theories believes that leadership is created when others write about a person’s achievement and capabilities – hence, creating a perception among the population about his capacity to become a leader.

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