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Professors always recommend the use of research paper outline when writing a research paper. An outline serves as a guide for students who have difficulty in organizing their thoughts in a comprehensive manner. The basic outline includes the following elements. First, the research paper introduction which includes the thesis statement, the purpose of the study and the methodologies to be used.
Second, the body which thoroughly discusses the points that the writer would want to stress and finally, the research paper conclusion. In this last part, the writer imparts the important points that he would want to stress. Aside from serving as a guide for the student, an outline can also assist in making the research paper more comprehensive. provides you with more reasons why creating an outline for your research paper becomes useful.

Here are some more benefits you can gain from using the outline of a research paper, as compiled by

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  • It organizes your research materials and allows you to see their connection to each other. This allows you to string your facts in a more effective and comprehensive manner.
  • It allows you to discard information that is not really relevant to the purpose of your paper. Sometimes, one tends to get overwhelmed by the vast number of information available during research. As such, some information that are gathered is irrelevant. With an outline, a writer will be able to determine the usefulness of the materials.
  • It enhances how you organize your materials, allowing you to improve how coherent your research paper is. With an outline, the flow of your research paper will be more fluid.

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Basic Outline Template

Basic Outline Template

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