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Why Is Your Research Paper Title Page Important?

Help With Research Paper Title Page

Help With Research Paper Title Page

A research paper title page may seem to be an insignificant part of a research paper, making it one of the most disregarded parts of any academic paper. However, what most students fail to understand is that a title page is the face of a research paper. Despite its simplicity, it is a core component of any paper – that is why the majority of the formatting and documenting styles have even devoted a section which provides information on how to outline the title page of an academic paper. Despite the simplicity of this task, some students still need assistance in writing it. With this in mind, is a professional custom research paper writing service.

Formatting Your MLA Research Paper First Page

When writing a MLA Style Research Paper you should not make a title page unless it has been specifically requested. If it is requested though, there are very strict guidelines that you should follow according to the MLA style.

When formatting the very first page of your paper, you should put your name in the upper left hand corner, along with your instructor’s name, the course the paper is being written for, and the date you’re turning your paper in. As always, be sure you’re using double spaced text.

MLA First Page Example
MLA first page

Next, you should use double spacing again and place the title of the paper in the center of the paper, right above where the first text of the paper begins. There’s no need to underline the title, nor should you italicize it or put it in quotation marks. You should write the title in what’s called “Title Case”, using standardized capitalization, but do not capitalize every letter of the title. For example, if the title of your paper was “Thomas Jefferson: Founder, President, and Leader,” the top portion of your page would look like this

Additionally, you should follow the additional rules regarding the first page of your paper:

-Only use quotation marks or italics when you refer to other bodies of work in your title, such as Much Ado About Nothing: An Analysis of Shakespeare’s Comedy

-Always use double spacing between the title and the first sentence of your paper.

-Create a header for each page of your paper including your last name, then a space, and then the page number. This should be placed one half of an inch from the top of the page and should be flush with the right margin. Some instructor’s may request that you leave this off.

APA Research Paper Title Page

APA Title Page Free Example


When writing a paper according to APA guidelines, there are also specific guidelines to follow regarding the title page. Your title page should include the title of your paper, the name of the author, and the institution that you’re writing the paper for.

Your title should be written in upper and lowercase letters and should be centered in the upper half of the page. The APA style recommends that your title be no more than twelve words total, and it should never have any abbreviations, nor should you use words that don’t really serve a purpose. Additionally, the title should only take up one line of the paper, and any text on your title page and in the rest of your paper should be double spaced.

Underneath the title, you should place the name of the author, without any titles, (such as Dr. Or Mr.) or any degrees (such as Ph.D. or B.A.). When including the author’s name, you should write the first name, middle initial, and last name. Underneath the author’s name, you should write the affiliation with the institution you’re writing the paper for, and should also tell the location of where the writer of the paper completed research.

APA Style – General Formatting Guidelines

When writing a paper using the APA research paper format, you should type your paper using double spacing, and you should use standard sized paper, which is 8.5” x 11”. A one inch margin should be used on all sides, and APA recommends that you use Times New Roman font, 12 point.

You should always include a page header at the top of every page of the paper, and to create a header, you should insert page numbers flush right followed by the title of your paper in the header, placed flush with the left margin.

An APA style paper should include four main sections: the title page, the abstract, the main body, and a references/ research paper bibliography section.

As for in-text citations, you should follow the author-date style of in-text citation, which would look like this: (Jones, 1998). A complete, thorough references will appear on the references page. When using in-text citations, you should always capitalize proper nouns. If you’re writing someone’s name, you can include the author’s name and initial, for example: E. Jones.

When referring to a specific title in your paper, you should capitalize all words that are longer than four letters within the title of your source, such as Today and Tomorrow. However, there is an exception if you’re using short words that are acting as nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, or adverbs, such as Writing New Books, There Is Nothing to Fear.

However, you should always capitalize the first word that appears after a colon or hypen, such as: The Beatles: The Story of Rock and Roll.

At the end of your paper, you should include a reference list. This gives the reader any information they need to find the sources you have cited in your paper. Your reference page should appear on its own page at the end of the paper, and should be labelled ‘References,’ with the word appearing at the top of page in the center. Do not bold, underline, or use quotation marks for the title of the references page.

While there are several guidelines you should consult with when writing reference lists, some of the most important ones to follow for a APA Format Research Paper are:

-Capitalize the major words of journal titles

-Put the titles of longer works in italics

-Entries on the reference list should be alphabetized by the last name of the authors. If there are two authors, use the last name of the first listed author.

-All lines after the first line should be indented a half an inch from the left margin.

-When referencing major journals, you should capitalize all major words. For instance, if you were writing a finance term paper, and you were referencing an article from the Wall Street Journal, you would just need to write the article like this: The Future of Apple Stock: An  Analysis of Apple’s Stock.

Basic Requirements to MLA Format Research Papers

When writing a paper using MLA guidelines, you should type the paper and print it on white, standard sized paper, sized 8.5” x 11”. Always double space the text of your paper, and make sure you use a clear font, like Times New Roman. Regardless of the font you use, you should make sure that the italics and regular words are clearly contrasting and distinguished from one another. You should use italics when citing a title of longer pieces of work and if absolutely needed, such as when writing a descriptive term paper, you can italicize a word to put emphasis on it, such as saying “…it was a very large building, with ornate arches and decor.”  You should always use a 12 point font.

Additionally, you should put one space after every period or punctuation mark unless your instructor tells you otherwise, and all margins for the paper should be one inch on every side. However, the first line of each paragraph should be indented at a half an inch from the left hand margin, and using the Tab key instead of the Space Bar five times is suggested in order to maintain conformity.

A works cited page is absolutely necessary when writing a paper according to the MLA format. Your works cited page is a list of all works and resources you cited in the body of your paper, and should be on its own page at the end of your paper. Use one inch margins and include a heading at the top of the page that has your last name and page number. You should label the page “Works Cited,” but do not italicize the title or put it in quotation marks. You should center the title. Proceed by double spacing all citations, but do not put skip any spacing between each entry.

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